Fair Vote’s National Day of Action Happening Almost Everywhere But Here

Given the results of this past federal election, it’s not surprising to see an outpouring of interest in Proportional Representation across the country. Fair Vote Canada, the national non-partisan Proportional Representation advocacy group has events planned across the country today. Sadly (and strangely) no events seem to have been planned for today in Saskatchewan. What’s up with that? You’d think, given the way things went in Saskatchewan this past election, there’d be an army of people willing to gather in support of electoral reform. I don’t get it.

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

Wanda Schmockel is just trying to get by without shoving. You may follow her on twitter @vschmo

One thought on “Fair Vote’s National Day of Action Happening Almost Everywhere But Here”

  1. No events Planned, probably for good reason—because proportional would still leave Saskatchewan sucking the hind tit — a different system would give us the same result—-Saskatchewan has a history of voting either one way or another and still never have any say as to what happens—-that is always left up to Ontario—I truly think the only way to give everyone a FAIR say in Parliment would be REGIONAL representation—-130 members—-10 from each Province and Territory

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