The Washington Post‘s The Fix says they’ll explain Herman Cain, former Godfathers’ Pizza CEO and current Republican presidential candidate. At least, the headline “Hermain Cain explained” suggests that much.

What it doesn’t tell me is how he handily won the Florida straw poll. 37% handily.

You could say that the media treating Mitt Romney and Rick Perry could be shortsightedness on their part. At the same time, I don’t think anyone other than Herman Cain is expecting him to be the Republican candidate in 2012. He’s performed well in debates and straw polls, and he’s even gotDennis Miller’s endorsement, but still. Seemingly not a front runner.

The Fix, while not explaining this specific victory, does give some good, quick context on the man’s life. For my money, though, if you’re looking to try and figure out Herman Cain for yourself, you should go with Paul Constant’s Stranger piece, where he reviews Cain’s policies, career, and the fare at Godfathers’ Pizza:

The Pizza Man’s pizza is inedible, unless you are an idiot or desperately poor. While it’s true that Herman Cain made the company financially stable and independent, he clearly didn’t provide any sort of plan for a thriving future for the organization; there’s a whiff of death around Godfather’s Pizza.

Hop on over here to read the full Paul Constant piece.