20151209_143622I know Wascana Centre Authority’s budget situation is kind of precarious these days. In October, CBC reported that the WCA had asked for an additional $2 million to upgrade core infrastructure such as trails, bathrooms and irrigation systems.

That the park is a valued asset in the city there can be no doubt. During this freakishly mild fall and early winter we’ve experienced so far I’ve been down to the lake numerous times for pleasant walks.

Typically at this time of the year the WCA crews would be doing snow removal to keep the paths clear. That hasn’t been needed so far, which is a welcome cost saving I imagine. Unfortunately, the unseasonable weather has brought an influx of migrating Canada geese to the park, and while they spend most of their time on areas of the lake where there’s open water, they do venture ashore from time to time to eat grass and perform related activities.

Since geese are essentially pooping machines that can produce up to three pounds of excrement a day, it’s making for some unsightly, and potentially unhealthy/dangerous conditions, in select areas of the park. Above is a photo of a path heading down to the lake from the south end of Albert Street bridge.

So if you are heading down there for a walk in the next few days, consider taking a push broom with you and doing your civic duty to help keep the park clean. And to see the goose doots in all their glory you can click the image to enlarge.