Exciting Goings-On In Federal Politics

Canada FlagThe Liberal Party of Canada has a new leader following its convention in Ottawa, while at its convention in Montreal the New Democratic Party voted by a substantial margin to remove the word “socialism” from its constitution. It remains committed to social democracy however.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Exciting Goings-On In Federal Politics”

  1. The news about a new Liberal Leader overshadowed the NDP’s own convention and constitution changes. How strange is that?

    Trudeaumania Ver. 2 is underway. Justin has alot to do before 2015 election. He’s a rooke leader right now. Many shoes to fill. He’s not exactly like his old man and that’s a good thing. He has to convince us of that because it will be made as an election issue by Harper. That’s a damn guarantee.

    So good of the NDP to move out of the 19th century into the 20th century.
    In 2015 election, I will think of them as NDP Transformers….Socialists in disguise!

  2. I think it’s only possible to think of NDPers as “socialists” in the privacy of your home, over morning coffee or while you watch the game. We all operate within the market economy, there’s no changing or denying that. Social democrats make sure that kids with learning disabilities get early intervention, single moms in abusive relationships get housing and security, that old ppl can feed themselves. No one in the House of Commons is declaring an end to the market economy if re-elected.

  3. I like this new “Exciting Goings-On” column Greg’s invented! Maybe we’ll have to give it a logo.

  4. Yes, you are right about that TF Jr. However, even in a market based economy the NDP always have had the notion of interfering with the economy and using tax money to bailout companies as seen here in SK.
    This is what I never want to see happen again with any future NDP gov’t. So, if this dropping any socialism references means they won’t do this type of stuff anymore, then I’ll consider them in my future votes. If it doesn’t, then no thanks.

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