Didn’t receive much in the way of advance notice on this two-night event featuring the Village Orchestra at Artesian on 13th Ave so wasn’t able to include it in the listings of our Aug. 25 issue or consider doing some editorial around it. But through the magic of twitter and email I was reminded of it tonight and nudged to do this blog post.

First off, opening night was tonight. So your only chance to see it is Friday at 8 p.m. Two pieces of music are being performed. Epochs is by Jason Cullimore and involves eight short movements meant to evoke eight eras or epochs in Earth’s evolutionary history (that’s a scene from the Cretaceous Period above). Mythology features classicial hip hop songs written and performed by Hugo Guzman, and arranged for the Village Orchestra by Cullimore and fellow composers Jonathan Ward and Matthew McLellan.

Tickets are $10, and available from Mysteria Gallery or at the door.

Edited to add: Prairie Dog guy Aidan Morgan attended the concert and will a post a review on the dog blog tomorrow.