Environment Takes Another Hit

Having already come under fire for radically streamlining environmental reviews on projects like pipelines and mines, reducing the number of government departments that can participate in such reviews, and capping their length at between one and two years, the federal Conservatives have decided to further stack the deck in Big Oil’s favour by granting cabinet a veto over any decision made by the National Energy Board on a pipeline proposal.

So in other words, if the NEB turns thumbs down on something like the Northern Gateway pipeline (which would see bitumen transported from from Alberta to the B.C. coast for export to Asia) because of environmental concerns, the Harperites can sigh and in their best Church Lady voice say “Isn’t that special” and approve it anyway. Here’s the CBC report.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Environment Takes Another Hit”

  1. So what the do the strategic words streamlining and duplication of process really mean? One less barrier for the radical environmental movement to use in their efforts against the so called big evil oil and mining companies?

    I remember a couple years ago watching the Nature of Things on a documentary about Shell (so called big evil oil company!) investing and researching in use of water/hydro/steam power in the country of Iceland.

    The last time I checked, oil/gas are a much needed resource along with metals, potash, diamonds, rare elements, etc.

    Why should provincial and federal gov’t have 2 review processes if it repeats the same or similar procedures each already have?

  2. @1 The dup;ocation issue is fair, gut have you never worked for some ome that has said to you, ” check your work”??

    A second opinion is a basic necessity that shoud be law, on pipeline jobs 1km or 10,000km long.

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