A couple of things before I head out the door for the evening and the hockey. First: we finally have a new, post-holiday poll up for you to vote in! The question: “By noon, Jan. 3, Canada’s richest humans had made more money than most Canadians earn in a year. What should be done?” (Obviously this relates to this story.) So far, two people have discovered the new poll. One respected voter picked the joke answer while another esteemed voter picked the chickenshit, cowardly, suck-up-to-the-rich-guy option*.

But as this is one of those polls that tends to invite, erm, tons of web traffic, I expect there’ll be a lot more activity by the end of the week. Or maybe not. We’ll see!

Second: the last poll, about preferred holiday greetings, is now closed but we learned something interesting and unexpected. While 1.35 per cent of our readers chose “Happy Hanukkah” as their holiday blessing of choice, a much larger percentage–14.86!–picked “May the Force Be With You”. In other words, we have more Jedi readers than Jewish readers. Who knew?

Actually that’s a little disturbing.

Third, hey, look what I found on Teh Internets! So cute!

*Unless, I guess, the voter is one of those Canadian multi-millionaires. In which case he or she (he) just voted for his selfish, vested interest.