Electoral Boundary Commission: The Forces Of Good Are Victorious!

From CJME:

After a contentious debate, the final map of new federal election boundaries in Saskatchewan is set in stone. A commission tasked with redrawing the map says only a few tweaks were made after it considered objections from Conservative members of Parliament. The overall number of seats in the province remains at 14. Breaking with a five-decade long tradition, the new map reduces the number of urban-rural hybrids.The final boundaries include five exclusively urban districts – three in Saskatoon and two in Regina – and larger rural ridings. The commission altered the boundaries of the Prince Albert riding to include the communities of Batoche, Domremy and St. Louis, and moved an area, including the village of Avonlea, to the riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan. “This is a map that enhances democracy in our province,” University of Saskatchewan political scientist David McGrane said. “Rural voters are going to have one more MP exclusively devoted to their interests and urban voters are going to have five MPs exclusively devoted to their interests.”

“Contentious debate?” More like a slimy attempt to sabotage reform. Last election, 43 per cent of the province voted against the Conservatives, but that only translated into seven per cent of the the province’s seats (Liberal Ralph Goodale is our lone non-Conservative). That’s a broken system, and the self-serving Conservative objections were indefensible. So suck it, corrupt, undemocratic Tory stooges! Not only did you lose, you cemented your robocall-happy reputation as anti-democratic cowards who will do anything to win.

Commission final report here (and: “The commission disagrees with these changes” is my favourite sentence in 2013). Background from the PD archives is here.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Electoral Boundary Commission: The Forces Of Good Are Victorious!”


    Best thing ever.

  2. But once again, a development that makes perfect sense that everyone should support, but one that many clear-headed people probably have to be cautious towards as it “reeks” of “partisan advantage” for one side over another.


  3. I feel like at least one new riding should have been created. The province’s population continues to grow so they’ll have to give us another one in the not too distant future, so it would have been more efficient to do it now while they were redrawing the boundaries anyway.

  4. Oh, Talbot Fresh, Jr. beat me to it, but I’m so excited by this I’ll do it anyway.


    I can’t wait to see the Conservatives get that butts kicked in the new Urban ridings.

  5. Re: Jason
    During the commission hearings the subject came up of Saskatchewan one day getting an additional federal seat in recognition of our growing population. The commissioners said that wasn’t likely to happen in our lifetime. In a provincial context, the spurt in population Saskatchewan has enjoyed over the last ten years might seem significant, but compared to high-population provinces like Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and B.C. it’s really not that notable.

    On a per capita basis Saskatchewan already has more seats in Parliament than our population justifies. Other provinces, conversely, are actually under-represented in Parliament compared to their populations — although seats are being added in Alberta and Ontario in particular for the next election. That will increase the number of MPs from 308 to 338. Some critics say that’s already an excessive number of elected representatives in comparison to our national population.

  6. “The Forces Of Good Are Victorious!” – Exactly who are the forces of good?

    From a political impression, I find this phrase is something only a self-righteous hypocrite of a left winger would use. That same hypocrite would then deny any existence of scandal skeletons in their left wing policical party’s closet because they see themselves as morally superior to those whom they oppose while shaking with a tight first at them.

    To me, having a review of the federal electorial boundaries & making any changes is a good idea. But to say victory to the forces of good is so lame. To say such a thing is complete nonsense. All Federal Parties including the NDP/Liberals/Conservatives all won/lost seats over the last few decades under the existing system.

    If you guys are mad that the Federal NDP failed to makeup lost ground to the Conservatives/Liberal seats in Saskatchewan in the last few federal elections, it’s more of a reflection of what happened to the Sask. Provincial NDP in the last 2 provincial elections.
    There is a big backlash against the provincial NDP and all for good reasons. Now you wonder why the federal NDP are struggling here also?

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