From CJME:

After a contentious debate, the final map of new federal election boundaries in Saskatchewan is set in stone. A commission tasked with redrawing the map says only a few tweaks were made after it considered objections from Conservative members of Parliament. The overall number of seats in the province remains at 14. Breaking with a five-decade long tradition, the new map reduces the number of urban-rural hybrids.The final boundaries include five exclusively urban districts – three in Saskatoon and two in Regina – and larger rural ridings. The commission altered the boundaries of the Prince Albert riding to include the communities of Batoche, Domremy and St. Louis, and moved an area, including the village of Avonlea, to the riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan. “This is a map that enhances democracy in our province,” University of Saskatchewan political scientist David McGrane said. “Rural voters are going to have one more MP exclusively devoted to their interests and urban voters are going to have five MPs exclusively devoted to their interests.”

“Contentious debate?” More like a slimy attempt to sabotage reform. Last election, 43 per cent of the province voted against the Conservatives, but that only translated into seven per cent of the the province’s seats (Liberal Ralph Goodale is our lone non-Conservative). That’s a broken system, and the self-serving Conservative objections were indefensible. So suck it, corrupt, undemocratic Tory stooges! Not only did you lose, you cemented your robocall-happy reputation as anti-democratic cowards who will do anything to win.

Commission final report here (and: “The commission disagrees with these changes” is my favourite sentence in 2013). Background from the PD archives is here.