Election 2015: Pro Life Magazine Disappears Interview With Wascana CPC Candidate Michael Kram

Part of Choose Life News’ interview with Michael Kram. I generated this image from the pdf I downloaded from their site.

cdnelxncircleHey ladies! Wascana Conservative Candidate Michael Kram has a message for you. Your access to safe, legal abortions? He wants to take that away from you and if he gets elected on October 19, he would like to “join the pro-life caucus and move right to life issues forward.”

That quote, and many more like it, are from an interview with Kram that appeared in the September 2015 issue of Choose Life News.

Only you can’t read it there.

I discovered the existence of this interview on Twitter yesterday and how Choose Life News had tried to cover it up — literally — by putting white boxes over top of it in the online edition. Big up to @rjjago for finding this. Here’s his original tweet:

I downloaded a copy of the pdf, ran it through Illustrator, and, sure enough, the interview was easy enough to uncover.

More from Michael Kram’s Choose Life News interview. Click to embiggen.

In it, Kram is asked if abortion is a violation of fundamental human rights, to which he answers, “Yes.” He also makes the highly dubious claim that “science has proven that the unborn is a person.” And when asked about the separation of church and state, Kram says:

“Separation of Church and State is in the American Constitution. In Canada, Freedom of Religion does not cancel the fact that Canada is a democracy. They are not opposed.”

Take from that what you will.

After reading all this, I phoned up Choose Life News (which is put out by the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association). I was hoping to ask them about the interview and maybe offer them some pdf tips. They have yet to get back to me.

And then today, before writing this post, I checked their website again and found the pdf had changed. They’d deleted the page containing the Michael Kram interview entirely.

Fortunately, the internet forgets nothing.

Update: Forgot to point out when I first posted this that appearing with Kram in the pic above is Status of Women minister, Kellie Leitch. She’s the Simcoe–Grey MP who coined the #BarbaricCulturalPractices hashtag and who revealed her own anti-abortion stance earlier this month.

Author: Paul Dechene

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4 thoughts on “Election 2015: Pro Life Magazine Disappears Interview With Wascana CPC Candidate Michael Kram”

  1. To take up just one point with you, Mr. Kram is correct when he notes that separation of church and state is enshrined in the American Constitution. He is also correct in his response to the question (see above) regarding citizens’ beliefs in a democracy.

    I have to say that I’m disappointed (but not surprised) at the “election coverage” PD claims to be doing I expected far more positive and illustrative pieces on the NDP and the Greens, and perhaps even an occasional bone thrown to the Liberals, but instead it’s all CPC hatred, all the time. Sad.

  2. Barb: Maybe you missed it but we ran two issues worth of think pieces on the alternatives to the Conservatives. We’ve only done the one issue detailing some of our key issues with Harper’s government.

    As for the blog… it’s a blog: a forum for personal rants, articles that didn’t get out of alpha testing and multimedia stuff that needs comment.

  3. I didn’t miss the issues; nor did I miss the prevalent tone.

    So, the blog and the PD are separate, rather like, oh, say, church and state? When the PD editor uses the blog to preach denial of free speech to someone with whom he disagrees, we’re not to take him seriously? Nice try, fellas.

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