Election 2015: I Can’t Keep Waking Up To Polls Like This


cdnelxncircleThose are the aggregate voting preference numbers from this morning’s CBC Polltracker. As for seat count, Grenier reckons even though the NDP has a slim lead on popular vote, it’ll translate into the Conservatives winning with 118 seats. That would beat the NDP with 115 and the Liberals with 104.

Man, this election is close. The tension is killing me. I don’t know how much more of it I can take. I seriously think I’m going to have a coronary before October 19.

Update: Was just poking around and, according to Nanos Research, as of September 1, only 44 per cent of voters have already picked who they’ll vote for.

You know what I’d like to see right now? A poll of those other 54 per cent of voters that asks, “Okay, are there any parties you won’t vote for?”

I’ve read a lot about how the Conservative vote doesn’t have much room to grow beyond the 29 per cent they’re polling right now. And I don’t know if that’s true. So, if anyone has seen a poll of how undecided voters are sure not to vote, tweet it at me at @pauldechene.

Author: Paul Dechene

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8 thoughts on “Election 2015: I Can’t Keep Waking Up To Polls Like This”

  1. ” You know what I’d like to see right now? A poll of those other 54 per cent of voters that asks, “Okay, are there any parties you won’t vote for?” ”

    That’s a good question. I myself haven’t decided how to vote but I know I won’t be voting Conservative.

  2. “These People” are small business owners and are afraid of the Liberals and the NDP. After what Mr.Trudeau said last week about small business owners, its no wonder the Pc`s are gaining at the polls. How about a major carbon tax to fund all of the promises that Mr. Mulcair whats to introduce. You don’t think the $15.00 hr. minimum wage doesn’t scare small business Paul? These are just a few examples why the Pcs are gaining at the polls.

  3. Carbon taxes? That’s keeping you up at night? That’s stupid. Carbon taxes are awesome. All the smart people are rooting for them. Join the smart people bus, Indy. It’s solar powered! You don’t want to get left by the side of the road with all the carbon tax ‘fraidy cats. Trust me. They’re going nowhere.

  4. Indy ..the $15/hr is for Federal workers… not the rest of us. Small business’ still subsidizes Con Party Oil companies..

    Vote Green ! Basic Income Gaurantee / legal weed, & no more oil subsidies.

  5. Come on guys. Quit fooling around when I`m trying to have a serious conversation about stuff. Barb, help me out here.

  6. With trust in politicians languishing below that in estate agents and journalists, he knows he is going to have to get used to being taken to task. “I’m absolutely fine with the rough and tumble of politics,” he says. “It won’t be a problem in the slightest.” “2015 is going to be a defining election,” he says. “If I’m right, then the next 10 years are going to be really tough and – this isn’t meant to sound arrogant – but I think if I do have skills and experience that might help, I don’t really think I can walk away from it.”

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