Ed Kowalczyk might not be a household name, but the American rock band he helped found and front in the 1990s, has a reasonably high profile.

That band would be Live. The quartet had a string of successful albums before Kowalczyk parted ways with his bandmates on acrimonious terms in 2009. He’s since been performing as a solo artist with two albums (Alive [2010] and The Flood and the Mercy [2013]) to his credit.

On Thursday March 10 Kowalczyk will be in Regina to perform an unplugged concert that’s being billed as the 20th anniversary of Live’s breakthrough album Throwing Copper That album was released in 1994, so I guess the billing perhaps relates to when the tour started and now, two years later, it’s reached Regina.

Regardless, the show is at Conexus Arts Centre at 7:30 p.m. And I believe there’s an opening set by Regina singer-songwriter Chris “Tiny” Matchett.

Here’s video of Kowalczyk performing an acoustic version of Live’s biggest hit “Lightning Crashes”