“Due To Your Strong Left-Wing Views I Can’t Advertise With You”

I guess it isn’t surprising how often prairie dog sales reps have heard this line over the years. It happened again this week — a new client booked a campaign, read prairie dog for apparently the first time and promptly cancelled his ads, giving as his reason the sentence in this post’s headline.


It’s so weird when Regina business owners and organizations won’t do business with companies with different political views*. They should base their print/web marketing decisions on readership, not politics**. And lots of people read prairie dog — thousands and thousands. Business owners want prairie dog‘s awesome readers to see their ad and think about their products. Don’t they?

It’s too bad some of them have apparently confused “advertising” with “a kickback to newspapers that write favourably about whatever nonsense I believe”.


*The  guy our sales guy talked to wasn’t specific so I don’t know what “left-wing” means to him. Conway? Suzuki? My editorial about my aunt who voted for Barack Obama? I know, it was probably the Metric cover feature. Either that or Dan MacRae’s Bonus Column on the NHL lockout. Damn unionized hockey players!

**If you own a business and want to advertise just because you think we’re awesome that’s okay too.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

11 thoughts on ““Due To Your Strong Left-Wing Views I Can’t Advertise With You””

  1. @ 2 and 3, that’s about as mature and sensible as the original decision to cancel the ads.
    Otherwise, all I can say is
    “Wow! Are they new to Regina?”

  2. Raaaaah! Left Wingers hate big business! That’s BAAAAD! Right Wingers love big business! That’s GOOOOOOD! J/K

    All kidding asside (yeah, I spelt it!), S W makes a good point. Why don’t potential new clients do their homework first and read the paper in advance before deciding to place an ad? It’s a big hassle for both when that common sense rule isn’t followed to go through all that trouble.

  3. I will tell you this. I wasn’t a big reader of Prairie Dog before the election, hell I didn’t even know much about it, other than there was some blog thing, and I know I saw the paper form once in a while at some stores. I really, honestly didn’t pay much attention to it. And, I’m ashamed to admit that. Why? Because now that I’ve had a chance to read what is written on the blog (I tune into this almost daily – the printed format is still good, but I rarely read printed anything anymore), I see that it’s a no-nonsense, no-bullshit kind of media publication.

    I respect that there are other media outlets in this City that will be cautious of what they print, or what stories they choose to cover, for fear of their major cash cows, I mean advertisers, pulling their money simply because they “didn’t like how that article made me (or my business or my political views/representative) sound”. I have experienced this first hand over the last several months, and while most outlets are genuine about most coverage, there are some who very much limit what actual news is covered, and it really does a disservice to anyone reading/watching/listening to that outlet, because they only get to hear what that company/person/organization wanted them to hear, in a roundabout way.

    I will say this, when and if the time comes for me to be able to start doing heavy promotion through paid advertising, Prairie Dog will be the first ones I come calling, simply becaues I know they will tell it like it is. I am not afraid to be called out, and I highly respect reporters/media outlets who call people out on their actions when they need to be. This attitude may piss some people off in this City, and that’s fine, you can’t please all the people all of the time.

    I want to give a huge shout out to all those who devote their time and effort to the Prairie Dog and THANK YOU for being an honest and “no bullshit” newspaper/blog. We need more of this, and hopefully one day, there will be many, many businesses pounding down your door to advertise and you can tell those that refuse because you’re “too left wing” to suck it.


  4. I once worked with a guy who `told it like it is`. I admired him for standing up for himself. Even though he was very smart, and more than qualified for job advancements, he never received any. Which tells me that if you want to get anywhere in life, you have to be a lemming. Thank God you have chosen to be a Prairie Dog!

  5. Anyone who thinks media organizations cowtow to advertisers has never worked for one. I’ve never received a corporate mandate to avoid or drop a story because of potential advertising issues. Not once in almost 10 years in the business. The only real hindrances are time and manpower.

  6. Somehow I think if media started a 4-month daily feature on homelessness, advertisers would start to squirm & get restless.

  7. @4 I have zero qualms initiating philosophical boycotts of local, as well as global, commerce. NOT spending money is literally the easiest thing I can do…and given that all the places I couldn’t live without have already closed or disappeared, I’m highly doubting I’d miss this person’s services.

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