I guess it isn’t surprising how often prairie dog sales reps have heard this line over the years. It happened again this week — a new client booked a campaign, read prairie dog for apparently the first time and promptly cancelled his ads, giving as his reason the sentence in this post’s headline.


It’s so weird when Regina business owners and organizations won’t do business with companies with different political views*. They should base their print/web marketing decisions on readership, not politics**. And lots of people read prairie dog — thousands and thousands. Business owners want prairie dog‘s awesome readers to see their ad and think about their products. Don’t they?

It’s too bad some of them have apparently confused “advertising” with “a kickback to newspapers that write favourably about whatever nonsense I believe”.


*The  guy our sales guy talked to wasn’t specific so I don’t know what “left-wing” means to him. Conway? Suzuki? My editorial about my aunt who voted for Barack Obama? I know, it was probably the Metric cover feature. Either that or Dan MacRae’s Bonus Column on the NHL lockout. Damn unionized hockey players!

**If you own a business and want to advertise just because you think we’re awesome that’s okay too.