Duct Tape Chic

Breezeway (Duct Tape)Famous Canadian handyman Red Green has long championed duct tape as a marvelous invention capable of repairing practically any calamity that a person might encounter. For about three years now it’s proven its worth in Scarth Street Mall breezeway, where its been used in three or four locations to patch areas of the floor that have become ripped and torn (see another example after the jump, and feel free to click to enlarge).

Considering that the floor’s almost two decades old, it’s held up remarkably well. Yes, when it’s wet from people tracking in snow in the winter or rain in the summer, the worn pebble does make the floor treacherous to walk on — especially in spots where the floor slopes a fair bit. But the duct tape at least limits the possibility of people tripping on an exposed seam or other tear.

As I noted in a previous post, people who live and work along the breezeway have been led to believe that Harvard Developments and the City of Regina are responsible for maintaining the breezeway. Indeed, in November 2012 they were assured by a city official that the city was aware of the breezeway’s deteriorating state and that money had been allocated to refurbish it in the second quarter of 2013.

By my calculation, it’s now the second quarter of 2014 — and so far nothing’s been done. During the course of a typical business day, I imagine several thousand people use the breezeway. So props to the makers of duct tape for all they’ve done to enhance the prospects of them navigating the breezeway safely.

Breezeway (Duct Tape II)

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Duct Tape Chic”

  1. I took a drive yesterday to Rosemont. At one time, there appeared to be boulevards and medians, but they have now deteriorated. I am ashamed at how our city looks. The corner of Albert Street and Saskatchewan Drive is a good case in point. The light standards are rusted out, there is garbage everywhere; weeds; broken sidewalks, etc. Everytime someone comes to Regina as a tourist, this would be one of the main intersections they would see. Does no one take pride in their surroundings?

  2. Michelle, it’s like we’ve lived in this squalor for so long we don’t even know of anything different.

  3. Michelle, I’m in Dieppe, & the CoR painted red splotches, on Dewdney at every little chunk of the missing curb on the south side of the ave ,where there isn’t any sidewalk at all.

    The city is committed to keep up the apperance of the area near the RCMP depot, but still won’t fix the sewer line on the east side of the bridge.

    Does this mean that the CoR will freely do that work there, but won’t do any residential areas?

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