Blog(VictoriaPark)Victoria Park is a sloppy mess this time of the year. Whenever I go walking in there I wear rubber boots so I can slosh through the mini-lakes that have flooded four or five of the paths (picture above).

When I headed out for a short walk tonight I just wore runners and stuck to Victoria Ave. I still encountered obstacles though. The first (pictured after the jump) was at the southeast corner of Rose and Victoria. You had your choice of hiking down Vic perilously close to the inside east-bound driving lane for a fair bit or ducking around the corner and finding a spot where the slough thinned out. When you did that, though, you were met with a build-up of ice on a narrow swath of grass between the sidewalk and curb.

The second photo is from the north side of the intersection at Cornwall and Victoria. Because of its skewed layout it’s already a safety challenge. To photograph the actual size of this mini-Wascana I would’ve needed a crane. But even what’s in the photo is pretty daunting.

I managed okay. So it’s no big deal for me. But for a lot of other people in the high traffic downtown… I don’t know, is this the best we can do?

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