A couple days ago I jabbered on about how there’s supposed to be a public consultation going on right now as part of the Downtown Transportation Study but that the city and/or the consultant aren’t making that so easy. They haven’t posted any background information about the City Square Plaza on the city’s website — in fact, even if you go hunting, there is very little information about the plaza and the decision to close it to traffic — and they haven’t even posted the request-for-comment sheet that was handed out to people at the community engagement session at the Cornwall Centre last Thursday.

Well, on Monday, I got word from the city that Downtown Transportation Study info will be put onto the City of Regina’s website. And, it was repeated that if people want to provide feedback they can do so at dts@regina.ca.

So, I figured, great. That’s sorted. I’ll report back as soon as that info goes up.

Well, it’s Wednesday and there still seems to be nothing on the website. And this is a bit of concern because the deadline to submit comment is March 9. And that’s only two days away.

And that makes me wonder which the city/consultant considers to be meaningless, the deadline or incorporating public input into the report?

Anyway, if you want to get involved in the Downtown Transportation Study and don’t mind getting some biased information you can still read our take on the City Square Plaza being closed to traffic, then you can get the feedback form on our blog and send your comments to dts@regina.ca.