This is old news and I’m really sorry about that, but…

Remember me ranting about how there was public consultation going on about the Downtown Transportation Study and whether or not to keep the City Square Plaza closed to car traffic?

And remember how I was getting all frustrated because the city never seemed to put any info about this on their website?

Well, as Hawkeyed commenter, Miss Colourblind PowerPoint, pointed out way back on Saturday, the city has finally put information about the Downtown Transportation Study online.

And I had it confirmed on Monday that all that info was posted to the city’s website on Friday, March 16.

Funny that, considering the deadline to submit your comments on the Downtown Transportation Study and the City Square Plaza was due in to the consultant by March 9.

That’s at least a full week too late. The information is there now, sure. But it’s useless to anyone who actually might have wanted to get involved in the process.

Anyway, if you want to educate yourself on the Downtown Transportation Study and the City Square Plaza, you can go to the city’s website and see the pdf the consultants whipped up for the public to see. (And I have to agree with the grousing I’ve read online… it’s pretty amateurish work.)

And if you still feel the need to make your concerns known, we have a version of the feedback form on our website. And you can still send emails to,, or you can call the lead consultant, Brian Hollingworth, directly at 1-416-596-1930 ext 414.

After the jump, the 14 panels that IBI Group presented at the Cornwall Centre consultation….

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