The 2010 Downtown Traffic Switcheroo: So Far, So Good

CHANGE IS A TWO-WAY STREET Cars navigate downtown Regina's new traffic reality early Sunday afternoon.

Well yes, it’s a Sunday and there are a lot fewer cars and people around, but from casual observation it looks like the change from one-way traffic to two-way traffic is going smoothly.  On 11th Ave. in front of the Cornwall Centre cars are going east and west in an orderly manner. The only thing I saw that came close to road rage was a driver honking the hell out of her horn at a lollygagging, jaywalking pigeon. She had a pretty big smile on her face, though. And the dumb bird took the hint and flew out of the way.

I’m a little more concerned about jaywalking pedestrians. Saw a lot of people crossing the street while traffic was moving. That’s not going to work on a weekday, no way. Dechene tells me the City will have workers out in force on Monday helping Reginans adapt to the new reality. I’d recommend they pay particular attention to Cornwall mall-goers. Regina pedestrians have never been the most cautious creatures and mall rats young and old might be the worst of a reckless bunch.

Finally, I saw one car run the red light, but only barely. And I saw one stupid asshole cyclist biking on the wrong side of the road. That’s another dangerous, reckless habit that needs some ruthless ticketing. Can’t stand cyclists that don’t follow the rules of the road–they’re a menace to everyone.

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Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

10 thoughts on “The 2010 Downtown Traffic Switcheroo: So Far, So Good”

  1. I love cyclists, too, Stephen; I just wish they’d cop to the fact that they ride vehicles, and are subject to the rules of the road.

  2. I just wish that everyone would cop to the fact that there are idiot drivers, walkers, roller bladers, wheelchair users, in addition to cyclists. Personally, as a pedestrian I would rather be hit by a jack ass cyclist than a jack ass driver.

  3. OK. Every time I pick up the ‘Dog I see some kind of complaint about drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, or all three in the “confidential” section. Here’s a crazy idea: why doesn’t somebody like, oh I don’t know, our police force, actually actively enforce the rules of the road, and ticket more people at random rather than just when they have an organized speed trap set up. I bet people would smarten up if they realized they could get a ticket for jaywalking, or riding their bike the wrong way, or failing to use a turn signal. And, hey, if they don’t, at least it’ll generate a little revenue.

  4. Oh, and I understand why some cyclists and pedestrians do what they do: they’ve put their lives on the line by attempting go somewhere in this city. But cycling and walking like a jerk doesn’t help make better motorists out of jerks; it just makes them angry and even more jerk-like.
    I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting old, but when I was a kid, we were all afraid of cars, as if they were self-powered entities with no eyes that actually wanted to kill you. Which they basically are, with the wrong person behind the wheel. So I don’t understand why some people actually put themselves in the way of traffic on purpose, and then stay there for a long time, faithfully believing everyone will go around them. Sigh. All it takes is one idiot not paying due attention to injure the hell of out you.

  5. I don’t think anyone’s said anything here I’d argue with. Very sensible comments. You’re all no fun.

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