These photos are courtesy of a young artistic acquaintence of mine named Madeleine. Apparently, she was out at Bitten Bistro on Jan. 27 with friends. While heading over to O’Hanlon’s Pub later to do some dancing (which, as anyone who knows Madeleine can attest, she loves to do) she came across a bundle of prairie dogs that had been dropped off at a downtown office building for pick-up by eager readers the next morning.

I just thought it looked so cute, she said to me in a follow-up email, so she took these two photos. “Lonely” and “forlorn” are two other adjectives that come to mind. But such is the state of downtown nightlife in Regina where the vast majority of residents shun the supposed heart of their city and are contemptuous of efforts to revitalize the area. Fortunately, Madeleine (and our magazine) aren’t among them.