Downtown Detour Starts May 21

Capitol Pointe 1If you’ve been by the old Plains Hotel site on the corner of Vic and Albert lately you’ve perhaps noticed some signs of life (besides weeds kicking into growth spurt mode, that is). According to a news release from the city today, SaskPower is preparing to relocate a concrete “duct bank” that houses the high voltage cables that supply downtown with electricity. ¬†Depending on weather and construction conditions, the presser noted, the job would take five months to do.

To accommodate the first phase, the west-bound lanes of Victoria will be closed  with Victoria east-bound becoming two-way as per the above diagram on May 21. As well, traffic northbound on McIntyre will be reduced to one lane for a quarter of a block. Access to Victoria and Albert for cyclists and pedestrians is supposed to remain, although detours may perhaps be required. The work needs to be done before construction can begin on the long-delayed-bordering-on-being-declared-legally-dead Capitol Pointe project; plus I imagine its an infrastructure upgrade SaskPower needs to do to accommodate increased power demands in the downtown.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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11 thoughts on “Downtown Detour Starts May 21”

  1. A 5 month project that could have started in March. Weather depending? There are these devices called Tents.

  2. Also note that what was happening on Lorne and 12th at the end of the plaza and beside the Library last year will be taking place this year at the Smith and 12th intersection. Just at the top of your picture. A 6 month project that will take 8-10 months more than likely. So plan your sojourns downtown carefully. Maybe just ride your bike, or walk.

  3. I figured all that stuff was rented to make it look like something was happening on Capitol Pointe. I was almost right.

  4. Work that “was” going on on Lorne and 12th? I think you mean work that has been ongoing for 3 years now. Just yesterday a crew of concrete removal (TFWs no less) labourers was cutting the intersection and digging it up – again. Lorne has been messed up for the third year in a row.

  5. Yeah, I saw last night that the pavement had been removed from the west-bound exit off 12th Ave. onto Lorne St. I know the plan is to put concrete down on Lorne between 12th and 11th to handle bus traffic (same with Smith between 11th and 12th). But I haven’t heard anything about why the plaza exit was dug up.

  6. Second attempt: People complained when the work wasn’t being done, and now they complain when it is. Welcome to Regina, whose motto could be “I bitch, therefore I am”.

  7. I hope they had a good reason for tearing up that narrow exit at Lorne and 12th. They just laid down the pavement last summer I think and the amount of traffic it’s seen is negligible. They’d already resurfaced half of it today with new concrete so I’m not sure what was going on.

  8. Actually Barb, those of us that work on 12th avenue have been complaining not as an either/or, but rather about the quality of the work itself. First it was the 2 years of “hydro digging”. Then the eyesore city square. And the stage that can’t operate as a stage. The poor engineering planning work for Lorne street in terms of the impact of bus traffic on the road.

    The “work” has been constant for 4 years in the area. If you operated a business on 12th ave and you had to pay your monthly nut despite the best efforts of the City to kill access to your business, you’d complain too.

  9. Point taken, Yossarian. You have a legitimate beef; others, not so much.

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