Two months ago, a 50 year-old pedestrian was struck by a car while crossing Victoria Ave. at Cornwall St. in the early afternoon. As anyone familiar with the area knows, the intersection there is pretty awkward, with crosswalks laid out in a non-parallel way that lengthens the amount of time┬ápedestrians are required to spend in the intersection while crossing, plus also actually forces them to angle into traffic at different times when crossing Victoria in both┬áthe east and west crosswalk. It doesn’t help either that traffic on Victoria at that point typically moves at a pretty steady clip, as that’s the only intersection between McIntyre and Broad that doesn’t have traffic lights.

This morning, we got a police report that a 24 year old woman had been hit while crossing at the same intersection. The accident occured at 9:13 a.m., and she’s been taken to hospital with undetermined injuries. Police are investigating, and so far no charges have been laid.