This is the third installment of Garry Trudeau’s skewering of a Texas abortion law that requires women to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound. The series is running as similar laws are being considered in several other American states.

You can read today’s strip in full over at Trudeau’s website.

Rachel Maddow did an interesting piece on the controversy recently. She points out that Governor Rick Perry, who was until recently vying to run for president on the GOP ticket, is on record as an enthusiastic proponent of his state’s pre-abortion ultrasound legislation. And now there are rumors that he may be picked as Newt Gingrich’s running mate.

Considering yesterday’s primary results, who Gingrich picks as a running mate may be a moot point. But still, if Perry were somehow to wind up playing sidekick on a winning Republican presidential ticket, we’d get to call him, VP VP — that is, Vice President Vaginal Probe.

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