*Don’t Drink & Fly, translation courtesy smug Planet S production manager Evgenia Mikhaylova.

So, team Russia got kicked off their plane this a.m. for drunken, unruly behaviour? Oh dear.

(Yes, I know, LaRose mentioned this in today’s Six In The Morning but it was buried under some distracting, playfully libellous nonsense about Stephen Harper, so I thought I’d re-post it. Tales of underage, drunk hockey players are of great interest to Dog Blog readers after all.)

Also: can we maybe have a little class and congratulate the Russian junior team for their spectacular comeback win? The whining and hand-wringing is getting on my nerves. It wasn’t just a Canadian collapse, after all: there were some amazing goals scored in that third period. And it’s un-Canadian to not like amazing goals.

Russian won and they deserved it. Besides, it’s not like Canada won’t win the world junior crown again. Don’t we usually have five-year runs? Lighten up, people.