Most media outlets are owned by Eastern Canadian billionaires. Prairie Dog is owned by Hullabaloo Publishing, a small worker’s co-op run by average Reginans who are passionate about newspapers.

The good thing about local ownership? We understand the challenges everyday Regina residents face, because we face them too.

Like many of you, we have mortgages, kids, car payments, and monthly rent and utility bills. When we were younger, we had crappy low-paid shift jobs and crippling student debt. These real-life experiences remind us to stand up for the interests of everyday Reginans, while other media outlets — even though they have great people! — ultimately have to stand up for the interests of their billionaire owners.

Sadly, there’s a downside to a newspaper owned by non-billionaires. Our owners are barely thousandaires. Prairie Dog is made by an over-worked skeleton staff and heroic, badly paid freelance writers.

And THAT means we can’t be as awesome as we’d like to be — and as our amazing readers deserve.

As an advertising-supported publication, we’re vulnerable to economic downturns and the larger challenges of a changing media landscape. In the last decade, for example, we’ve seen a near-total loss of national advertising revenue.

But thanks to the power of crowdfunding, you can help! Please consider donating whatever amount you can afford. Even small donations can make a difference. For example, if 1,000 Prairie Dog readers each donated $10 a month — half the cost of a Leader-Post subscription — we’d be able to publish MORE pages. That means MORE news, features, opinions, columns, restaurant reviews, and arts, film and music coverage that reflects life in Regina.

We don’t publish Prairie Dog to make money for shareholders or to pad a Toronto CEO’s bank account. We don’t print condescending editorials because our Bay Street bosses tell us too. We publish Prairie Dog because we love what we do and we love this city.

Prairie Dog is a Regina newspaper for Regina readers. And now, we want you to be a bigger part of it.

Please consider supporting Prairie Dog. This paper, and this city, can achieve great things but it won’t happen without your help.


Stephen Whitworth
Prairie Dog