Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out!

In what has been a very, very long time coming, Rob Ford was informed this morning by an Ontario court judge that he will be relieved of his duties as mayor of Toronto (though he’s been given a 14 day stay and he can run again).

Friends, if you cup a hand to your ear, you will hear the entirety of the core of Toronto cheering like the Whos in Whoville after the Grinch brought Christmas back. Forget the Grey Cup (who watches that, anyway?) – now you’re going to see a party!

(photo via Toronto Star)

UPDATE: Whitworth here, scribbling all over Vanda’s post (sorry Vanda!). The Toronto Star has a concise, just-the-facts recap of Rob Ford’s legal adventures here. It’s worth a read. And just to clarify for MB, this isn’t politics. Ford isn’t being punted from office (pending appeal) because he used City Hall letterhead to fund-raise. He’s getting the boot because he showed remarkable contempt for the city integrity commissioner who quite reasonably ordered him to pay back the $3,150 he’d raised. Given how small that amount is, I think it’s fair to say Ford brought this on himself.


Author: Wanda Schmöckel

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Door Hit You On Your Way Out!”

  1. According to the CBC report Ford may still have some wriggle room:

    Ford can now apply to stay the judgment. If he is successful, he could remain as mayor until an appeal process is exhausted.

  2. He has 14 days – and the appeal process is probably happening as I type this (probably started long before the trial). It’s possible he’ll stay in office. And it’s possible that, if he runs again, he’ll be reelected. But I choose to revel in his public spanking. I doubt it’ll give him pause for thought, but it’s a victory for anyone who lives in Toronto (proper) and has watched him and his brother shit all over us.

  3. Hey, I along many watched the 100th Grey Cup. Sure, the RoughRiders were not there. This was history in the making. We can brag 100 years of football.

    Watching he (Rob Ford) and his brother shit over all of us Vanda? Perhaps to Torontonians maybe. No to any of us here in SK since we have our own city councils in Regina and Saskatoon to contend with.

    Rob Ford is foolish/ignorant/arrogant for not taking the time to read/follow the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, however no taxpayer money was involved in the $3,150 donation funds to his football charity.

    Compared to the Laval and Montreal Mayors in Quebec stepping down due to growing money corruption which is by far a more serious crime, how can using a city letterhead for solitictations to a registered charity be deemed as serious a crime forcing Rob Ford out. More politics at play.

  4. m b
    crazy activists judges out of control or a mayor who believes rules are for the other guys.

    I for one have a modicum of faith in the Canadian judicial system and not one iota of faith in the former mayor of the 905.

  5. mb, To be clear, I wasn’t suggesting that Ford was shitting all over Saskatchewan (or anywhere else other than Toronto, really), but rather those of us from Toronto who now live elsewhere were being shit on from a distance (ie. me – I don’t like what he’s been doing to my hometown).

    As for the paltry sum funneled to his football charity, it’s clearly stipulated in the city’s conflict of interest act that he’s not allowed to do use his position of influence to any end other than city business. And when this was pointed out to him – and he was given the opportunity to put himself in the clear – he refused. This isn’t a “left wing conspiracy”. It isn’t political. The man is an idiot and he brought this on himself. To say he has abused his power over the past two years isn’t putting too fine a point on it, and if this is what winds up turfing him out of office, so be it. The city would certainly be better off without him. We haven’t seen the last of him though.

  6. It’s not the money; it’s the principle, mb. There is also the lack of due diligence regarding knowledge of duties and constraints that come with elected office. If Mr. Ford fails at that basic level, what’s the potential for far more serious failures?
    At least the mayors in Quebec had the grace (and that’s using the word very, very loosely) to resign. They could read the writing on the wall. There seems to be doubt that Mr. Ford can read, period.

  7. From the left, right, centre, or the tea cup, that guy’s an across-the-aisle disgrace. Anyone defending him is a dolt.

  8. Silly me. I forgot to use ? in my last paragraph from previous posting. As if my grammar isn’t bad enough already!

    TF Jr – If I’m giving the illusion of defending Rob Ford, I’m not. I agree he does deserve a penalty as I do find him foolish/arrogant/ignorant for not making himself informed about the proper procedures in this issue. I’m questioning the severity of penalty to him being ousted as mayor compared to when a couple mayors in Quebec are stepping down because they are caught in the middle of fraud & corruption. I find fraud far more serious. To me, Rob Ford didn’t commit any fraud with this $3150 donation funds. He foolishly involved himself in the debate and voting process which is a no no. So, Hell Yeah! Penalize him. Booting him out as mayor? I don’t know? I find that a tad excessive. The judge and other posters here say otherwise.

    Vanda – Thanks for clarifying. I was unaware you were originally from Toronto. So, yes. I see your point of view when you meant for people who have moved away from Toronto to other places…this also affects them in some ways. I get it now. Thanks.

    Yes, I agree with you this isn’t a “left wing” conspiracy as Rob puts it out to be. He is in the target of the left wingers though from his own actions.

    And yes, we haven’t seen the last of him. He’s fighting it like anything else. Too bad he fights so much rather than trying another way before it reached to this point.

    Anon and Barb – Yes, I accept the judge’s findings in proof Rob is guilty for being so stupid. Penalty of booting him out as mayor is all I question. Let the Toronto voters decide in kicking him out.

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