In what has been a very, very long time coming, Rob Ford was informed this morning by an Ontario court judge that he will be relieved of his duties as mayor of Toronto (though he’s been given a 14 day stay and he can run again).

Friends, if you cup a hand to your ear, you will hear the entirety of the core of Toronto cheering like the Whos in Whoville after the Grinch brought Christmas back. Forget the Grey Cup (who watches that, anyway?) – now you’re going to see a party!

(photo via Toronto Star)

UPDATE: Whitworth here, scribbling all over Vanda’s post (sorry Vanda!). The Toronto Star has a concise, just-the-facts recap of Rob Ford’s legal adventures here. It’s worth a read. And just to clarify for MB, this isn’t politics. Ford isn’t being punted from office (pending appeal) because he used City Hall letterhead to fund-raise. He’s getting the boot because he showed remarkable contempt for the city integrity commissioner who quite reasonably ordered him to pay back the $3,150 he’d raised. Given how small that amount is, I think it’s fair to say Ford brought this on himself.