Dogcast Episode Zero: Nerdery

Here it is, finally. The premiere episode of the prairie dog podcast. We’ve been calling it “The Dogcast” but honestly, nobody likes that name. If you have a better idea — better than “NippleCast” or “The Nipple Killers”… seriously, those are the best alternatives we’ve come up with so far — please send it along. Maybe we will gift you with some Tiger Blood and Royal Wedding condoms.


This episode of the Presently Titled The Dogcast podcast deals with the theme of “nerdery.” Election nerdery. Dr Who nerdery. Pulp magazine nerdery. And royal wedding nerdery.

You can download the mp3 by clicking in some fashion the link provided below. And if you just want to play it and not download it, odds are, if you just do a normal ol’ click of the link, it’ll play in your browser. We’ll work on getting one of those fancy player widgets for the blog soon, promise.

Dogcast Episode Zero – Nerdery: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Elan Morgan, Shane Hnetka, Vanda Schmockel and Paul Dechene. Theme music is “Mucho de Nada” by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra (1936ish). Runtime: 35 min.

Author: Paul Dechene

Paul Dechene is 5'10'' tall and he was born in a place. He's not there now. He's sitting in front of his computer writing his bio for this blog. He has a song stuck in his head. It's "Girl From Ipanema", thanks for asking. You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pauldechene and get live updates during city council meetings and other city events at @PDcityhall.

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  2. Even though no one asked: for the record, I am not buying Tiger Blood…

    Just sayin.

  3. Dog Pod:Barking Mad
    (how is that for hybridity and borrowing from the submissions above?!)

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