Dog Coat Thieving Fiends

The CBC has the whole story. In brief, a man left his dog in his car. When he came back, someone had stolen his dog’s coat.

The dog is fine, though the piece did quote the owner as saying that “[s]he seemed to be a little concerned as if trying to explain what had happened to her coat.”

A crime like this isn’t without lasting effects, however: “Fortunately, considering the ongoing cold in Regina, Riley has another coat to wear although Wilson said the older coat is ‘not nearly as stylish or warm.'”

For the record, seldom have I seen a dog that didn’t look embarrassed to be wearing a clothes, with very few exceptions. Costumes included.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

4 thoughts on “Dog Coat Thieving Fiends”

  1. So like, this guy shaved the dogs coat right off its body? That’s cold. Someone will have to buy this dog one of those puppy vests, till it warms up.

  2. Seriously, I think costumes and such are ridiculous on animals, but…. it’s stinking cold out there this week, some dogs do not have long fur and they still need to be exercised. The comment about the old coat not being as stylish though is a bit over the top. The warm bit I get. Our dog does not have long fur and in this weather needs a vest and booties to go out for her walk. She may not like it much, but it’s better than not going for her walks and when she doesn’t wear them she gets ice in her paws and doesn’t even make it one block from the house.

  3. I volunteer for a local rescue, and one of our dogs escaped last week. He has been spotted a few times in the industrial area and near Eastview. I am pretty sure he is responsible for this crime. I mean, you do what you got to do to live on the streets. So, if anyone spots a white American Eskimo wearing a stylish coat please call the police! Or Bright Eyes Dog Rescue.

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