Once again, our blog was in fiiine form this weekend. Missed the fun? No worries, the party lives forever online! Just check out these amazing posts by our clever writers. They’re FASCINATING!

DESTROYING BUILDINGS PEOPLE LIVED IN Paul Dechene is not pleased at all that the Black Building got back-hoed yesterday. AND! This post has a really good comments. Got opinions? Go spout ’em! Also: THIS POST WAS UPDATED WITH A WHOLE BUNCH OF PHOTOS THAT WILL DEPRESS YOU. So even if you’ve already read it, go have another look.

BROTHERIDGE AND BAHAMAS James “Jim Jam” Brotheridge shares some bonus Q and A goodness from his recent interview with Afie Jurvanen.

BOOMERS AND BEYOND Apparently I didn’t mind Friday’s Margaret Wente column on everyone’s favourite generation EVAR. First time for everything.

WE CAN BE BOUGHT Greg posted about the apparent sale of prairie dog to a shadowy multinternational media consortium. Wait, what was the date yesterday?

Dog Blog! This is us: “blah blah blah blah blah!” Except INTERESTING!