Does Anybody Read Rosie’s Six In The Morning Posts? Any Of His Posts? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

1 WELL DONE CHRIS AND CO. A Planet S story about a Saskatoon neighbourhood scared of getting cooties from potential Value Village customers has been picked up by The Consumerist.

2 SPEAKING OF LOCAL REPORTING … We shouldn’t be too hard on 5 Days, the revamped SCN’s news and public affairs show, but if you’re going to cover the subject of homelessness in Saskatchewan, Bruce Steele, don’t ask Marc Spooner about his beard and the way he dresses. On TV, you only have so much time …

3 AWWW, HE FORGOT TO CARRY THE TWO SaskParty sends out a press release criticizing the projected cost of the NDP’s rural health care strategy. Wonder how quickly they tweeted the correction after it was discovered that Don McMorris was only 1,000 per cent out on the projected costs. (CBC Saskatchewan). Not likely since, as of 6 a.m. Thursday, the offending press release is still up on the SaskParty website. UPDATE — I checked the SaskParty website at 9:10 a.m. Thursday, and the press release has been 404ed. But McMorris was on Geoff Leo’s report this morning on a CBC Saskatchewan newscast, blaming the NDP for … I don’t know, McMorris, the Minister of Health, not knowing what he is supposed to be doing with his own department, I suppose.

4 LOOKS LIKE HE HAS THE HANK WILLIAMS JR. VOTE SECURED Last month: Tennessee state politician begins crusade to allow people to carry loaded guns into bars. This month: same Tennessee state politician is pulled over, behind the wheel, drunk as a skunk, and his handgun is also loaded. (Talking Points Memo)

5 IT HAD TO HAPPEN Thanks to a poster at, the latest Adolf Hitler Downfall meme has der Fuhrer freaking out over the Riders’ loss to Edmonton on Thanksgiving. It would have funnier if Hitler had freaked out over not being able to get the deluxe boxed set of 800 Pounds of West Country Rock (Used Regina) in the stores for Christmas (not to mention more true considering the Riders are more obsessed with making money and selling merch than winning games these days), and it’s no ‘Hitler Chelsea Downfall’ … but, hey, it’s one of the funniest Hitler Downfall memes out there.

6 THE MOST DISTURBING VIDEO YOU WILL SEE TODAY Rick Astley Rickrolls … Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN In order to clean that out of your ears, here’s The Waterboys playing ‘Fisherman’s Blues’ at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2007.

AND SOME STUFF THAT DIDN’T MAKE IT The city of Topeka, Kansas, has been made safe for wifebeaters (Lawyers, Guns and Money), Rick Perry is the stupidest politician to ever come out of Texas, where the competition for that title is pretty intense (Slate), speakers at a Muslim conference in Toronto don’t like either Jews or gays (Toronto Star), an economist doesn’t understand what Jim Flaherty has against the Tobin Tax (Toronto Star), the Egyptian military blames Christians for getting beaten up by the Egyptian military (Al Jazeera), the postal worker from Cheers talks about the American economy (AOL), Kai Nagata exposes Harper’s hockey-love, amongst other things, as a fraud (The Tyee), somewhere, someone is holding onto the last film camera ever made for filming movies (Creative Cow), and Keith Olberman analyzes the slime job the Boston Rex Sox did on its departing executives (Baseball Nerd).

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

11 thoughts on “Does Anybody Read Rosie’s Six In The Morning Posts? Any Of His Posts? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?”

  1. I read it every day, if there’s a post! Glad you highlighted Kai Nagata’s Harper hockey hypocrisy.

  2. Love Rosie’s Six.

    As for the Value Village thing: some of the most devoted VVers I knew were a bunch of embroiderers and quilters in Winnipeg who would regularly comb the aisles for ultrasuede, cute pins and buttons, and other goodies they could incorporate into their artwork. And just about all of them were middle- to upper-class in income. No fear of cooties with those ladies, armed with laying needles and tekobaris!

    The most disturbing thing about VV is the fact it’s owned by Wal-Mart.

  3. I read it Rosie!

    I did not know that Walmart owned VV. Somewhat disturbing.

    This seems to be a pervasive attitude here in SK. That we need to protect ourselves and our property from “those people” (iow anyone at all different from us). Upsetting. I have dealt with it personally more times than I care to count.

  4. I read it too! The only problem is, I never know what links are going to get blocked by my employeer so, I never click on anything! Prairie Dog Blog is still an open link though…for now!

  5. Anonymous: a lot of our links are to boring old daily newspapers. I’d be surprised if your company blocks those. Hopefully all our links are annotated, so you can see what you get before you click. If you mouse over any link in anything I write, a pop-up will tell you what the link connects to.

  6. Apparently, Value Village is NOT owned by Wal-Mart! It seems that mistake stems from a CBC Radio story from a few years back, and has been repeated by many media outlets ever since–including by us here at Planet S. Sorry! Value Village is in fact owned by Savers, a large U.S.-based retail chain.

    Those responsible for this grievous error in fact-checking have been sacked–as have those responsible for sacking them, as they clearly did not institute the sackings quickly enough.

  7. Hey Rosie,
    I would hate to imagine a day without the PD’s News at 6! Read it and love it! HELL YA!

    Thanks to both you and SCN’s 5Days for raising awareness about affordable housing and homelessness in Regina & Saskatchewan. So important and needed!

    The homeless are kept in a constant state of crisis living out a daily struggle for existence bound by minutes, and hours, temporally, kept caged within a 10 block radius of inopportunity , geographically.

    First, it should be a matter of public policy that no one ever gets released into homelessness, whether leaving health, corrections, social services, or any other such agency.

    Secondly, we have to ask how it can be that there is homelessness in a country as rich in resources and as deep in administrative capacity as Canada. Clearly the crisis arises not from material scarcity, but rather from ineffective planning, inflexible organisational structures, and the absence of public and/or political will as expressed through the state’s allocation of resources. It should not be an insurmountable task to convince the public that failing to allocate resources to homelessness carries a far greater price, over the long term, than the cost of positive intervention over the short and medium terms (please see the very recently released report from the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF WELFARE entitled: “The Dollars and Sense of Solving Poverty”)

    As recent events have shown all too well, fortunes made in hedge funds and bond derivatives may be here one day and gone the next. Banks may fail, and once-proud industries beg at the public purse. Investments made in peoples’ lives, on the other hand, are the only sure method to see a return in the future, and their true dividend is beyond calculation.

    On a lighter note, what beard? Damn, I thought that’s how male profs were supposed to present; they don’t teach ya any of the important stuff in grad school!


  8. I just read it, because I’ve been out and about and busy.
    Re: #1, I’ve been shopping at Value Village for years; no cooties. And re: its ownership, for heaven’s sake, people, read the link before you leap to the keyboard.

  9. Thanks for the shout-out to 5Days and thank you, Marc, for graciously giving us your time! I think that one of the things we’re trying to do is make the time for the stories to breathe, which should ideally help to differentiate 5Days from the typical pace of much of television journalism. Hopefully you’re following our multi-day series on homelessness in Saskatchewan.

    I think the appearance question was presented as a gateway into how Marc does much of his research into homelessness face-to-face, and was not meant as a slight.

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