1 FSIN: THE CRACK-UP Much like his FNUC takeover five years ago, Morley Watson’s coup to drive Guy Lonechild out as FSIN Grand Chief had almost nothing to do with Lonechild’s wrongdoing, and probably a lot more to do with Watson’s desire to get his hands on the FSIN patronage machine. Take a good look at Jason Warwick’s great series of articles on the payments to the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority board of directors in the Star-Phoenix.

2 THE TEA PARTY’S FAVORITE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE IS FOUR ALABAMA SLAMMERS AWAY FROM STARRING IN A MILFHUNTER VIDEO EVEN I WOULD PAY TO DOWNLOAD Sex with an NBA player, an affair with her husband’s business partner, cocaine snorting … Holy doodle, Caribou Barbie has entered the Lindsey Lohan sweepstakes. (The Guardian)

3 IRONY MUCH, YQR? A city where private radio stations refuse to play music from Juno-nominated acts because they’re bad for business is set to welcome the Junos because the hangers on and celebrity-watchers are good for business. Surprised? (Newstalk980)

4 MEMO TO THE MAYOR OF TORONTO: IF CARRIE FISHER IS WEARING A BRASS BIKINI, CARRYING A LOGGING CHAIN AND IS SNEAKING UP BEHIND YOU, THIS ISN’T GOING TO BE YOUR DAY Less than a year after becoming Toronto’s mayor, not many Torontonians are owning up to admitting that they voted for Rob Ford (Toronto Star).

5 A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’ Johnny Rotten begins his campaign for an OBE. (Toronto.com) Hey, better him than Conrad Black.

6 DOES SASKATOON HAVE TOO MANY CARS? The City of Saskatoon is considering adding a special plate tax to people who drive cars in the city to help pay for its antiquated and inadequate infrastructure. (CBC Saskatchewan)

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN Since The Sex Pistols would be too obvious, how about … The Queen Haters?