Did I Really Need To Know This?

According to this celebrity gossip site, Molly Ringwald, Brett Easton Ellis (the author of the controversial book American Psycho — I tried reading his first book, Less than Zero and gave up because reading about coked-out a-holes is boring because, well, they’re coked out a-holes), and Rielle Hunter (better known as the woman who Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edwards left his cancer-dying wife for during the 2008 campaign) had a threesome in the 1980s.

Are we richer for knowing this? Well …

Edit: Oh yeah, the Daily Mail has the story. They could have done better. Better than Brett Easton Ellis, that is.

Author: Stephen LaRose

2006 winner of the Canadian Association of University Teachers's Award of Excellence in Journalism for a bunch of prairie dog stuff. Invited into the best homes in Regina. Once.

2 thoughts on “Did I Really Need To Know This?”

  1. American Psycho, Lunar Park, and Rules of Attraction were all great. Less Than Zero never really grabbed me either — I’ve always written it off as a novel of the moment.

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