I work for a company that records and transcribes AM radio broadcasts. This company exclusively uses cassettes for the recording process. Some of these cassettes are blank tapes with labels on them (“Streetheart Greatest Hits” for example) and others are old cassettes that have been magnetized and are used like blank tapes. One of these tapes chilled me to my marrow.

I was doing a transcript of an AM radio broadcast and I noticed the recording was on one weird-ass tape. I checked the label and saw it was a recording of the ultra-conservative Christian group Focus On The Family and their interview with serial killer Ted Bundy. The actual recording has been replaced with years and years of static gnarled morning news broadcasts, but I wanted to hear the balls off that original recording. I did some research and it was an interview Bundy did when he was on death row and was telling anyone who would listen that pornography and cable television were pure evil. (If Bundy’s theory is correct, I’m moments away from becoming a supervillain of Dr. Doom proportions.)

There are some other Focus On The Family tapes floating around my work and I’m moderately sure my employer picked them up by coincidence. I’m hoping that’s the case because otherwise I’ll probably shudder so hard it will destroy my spinal column.

Seeing as I don’t have the actual tape to post, I’m going to have to rely on another terrifying “Family” based religious organization. The Family International (formerly known as the Children Of God) have had some of their videos floating around online and all of their clips rate somewhere between “unnerving” and “soulshatteringly upsetting”.

Here’s a video called “20 Minutes To Go” that features a chilling vision of┬áthe apocalypse as well as an equally upsetting vision of heaven.