4 thoughts on “Dechene’s Big Gormley Adventure”

  1. Heard much of it and you did excellently — you presented the case very well, without rancour but with firmness, avoided Gormley’s verbal traps and attempts to make it personal, and you refused the attempts to derail you. Well done. You could go on this show anytime, with confidence, and I hope you will do this more often.

  2. Agreed, Paul! You performed admirably, despite your crack about being in print for a reason.

    It’s a shame that Gormley is so vehement in his one-sidedness on the issue. I don’t understand why climate change deniers can’t at least admit that pollutants and CO2 are bad in any way. How would it be a bad thing if we reduced our output of those gases? In NO WAY AT ALL!

  3. I hate it when people say that something like climate change (or, say, evolution) is *only* a theory, unaware that in science “the word Theory denotes the most powerful status that an explanation can attain.”

    The quote above is from following excellent video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h9XntsSEro

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