I’d like to start by stating I have always been with labour. I don’t side with the bosses, but this case requires unique consideration. BOTH ARE EQUALLY F%$KED. In this instance both sides are in the wrong and simply exposing how archaic the postal service truly is. The mail gets to our door in spite of Canada post not because of it.

The job is not difficult. Some of you supervise, while others sort mail, put mail on trucks and take a leisurely stroll distributing it. Your only natural enemies are neighbourhood dogs, people who don’t shovel the walk and technological advancement. Your service is on the verge of obsolescence and you know it. Sadly, our system is still somewhat reliant on the post and you’ve been able to seize up the works.

This is not an indication of how important the task is. This is a red flag reminding the rest of us of better options. E-mail is instant, couriers are accountable and nearly every office has a fax machine. Canada post has earned it’s reputation as inefficient, overpaid and dare I say unreliable. There are tough times ahead at the post. It’s most important task is the distribution of government cheques and now even that may be halted. We’ll find a way to get our magazines and older people will learn to pay bills online. You’ve forced us to operate without you. Now, don’t be surprised when the change becomes permanent.

Na zedorovya,
Danny Kresnyak