In the comments under my blog post about a great Dan Savage essay on global warming being a real thing and climate change deniers being cowards, valued regular Dog Blog commentator Brian Mouland writes:

Dan Savage sits on an anti-bullying committee and bullies Christians. Yea he’s great One Great Big Effing Hypocrite

Lack of relevance to the topic at hand aside, Brian’s comment is wrong-headed because it unreasonably equates Savage’s frequent criticism of anti-gay public figures and powerful institutions with the terrorizing of LGBT youth BY said figures and institutions.

Dan Savage does NOT bully Christians. He DOES criticize and mock bigots, particularly bigots in positions of power and authority (who, incidentally, are very BAD Christians). Savage isn’t telling vulnerable Christian youth that they’re going to burn for eternity in a lake of fire, or pressuring them to change things about themselves that are core to who they are, or otherwise driving them to kill themselves.

What Savage does, and what REAL bullies do, is DIFFERENT. It’s important to recognize that.

Now everybody watch this.