Dear Brian, Dan Savage Is Not A Hypocrite

In the comments under my blog post about a great Dan Savage essay on global warming being a real thing and climate change deniers being cowards, valued regular Dog Blog commentator Brian Mouland writes:

Dan Savage sits on an anti-bullying committee and bullies Christians. Yea he’s great One Great Big Effing Hypocrite

Lack of relevance to the topic at hand aside, Brian’s comment is wrong-headed because it unreasonably equates Savage’s frequent criticism of anti-gay public figures and powerful institutions with the terrorizing of LGBT youth BY said figures and institutions.

Dan Savage does NOT bully Christians. He DOES criticize and mock bigots, particularly bigots in positions of power and authority (who, incidentally, are very BAD Christians). Savage isn’t telling vulnerable Christian youth that they’re going to burn for eternity in a lake of fire, or pressuring them to change things about themselves that are core to who they are, or otherwise driving them to kill themselves.

What Savage does, and what REAL bullies do, is DIFFERENT. It’s important to recognize that.

Now everybody watch this.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

16 thoughts on “Dear Brian, Dan Savage Is Not A Hypocrite”

  1. Still a hypocrite always a hypocrite SW. Thanks for the link talia you just proved my point

  2. Brian: AHA! You’re bullying Dan Savage by calling him a hypocrite! Wait, you say that’s different? You say you’re merely criticizing a public figure? You say You’re NOT a bully?

    I agree. You’re not. Criticism isn’t bullying.

    You’re not a bully. And neither is Dan Savage.

    Talia: Your link cherry-picks quotes from a guy who writes probably 10,000 words a week in order to misrepresent his beliefs. Savage is NOT bi-phobic, transphobic or fat-phobic and if you actually read him in context you’d be well aware of that. The junk at the other end of that link is unproductive, holier-than-thou ego-masquerading-as-progressive-politics nonsense.

    Through his writing and political activism, Dan Savage has literally made the world a better, safer place for lesbian, gay, bi, trans AND straight people. He’s fought against countless homophobic politicians. He’s educated hundreds of thousands of straight people on LGBT issues.He’s been a tireless defender of women’s reproductive rights and freedoms. He’s donated time and money to LGBT causes. And he makes people laugh. What’s the author of your link done, other than trying to recruit new members to their snooty Dan Savage-bashing circle-jerk?

    Count me out of this nonsense discourse. I have better things to do. Such as bullying Brian.

  3. I think Dan Savage is pretty equal opportunity. He bullies dicks.

    Christian dicks. Trans dicks. Bi dicks. Gay dicks. Intersectional dicks that are bringing dickness together from several different modalities.

    If he thinks you’re being a dick, he’ll call you on it.

    He’s a breath of fresh air in a world that is, let’s face it, filled with a lot of dicks that need calling out.

  4. “A breath of fresh air in a world full of dicks.” That has to be the most vivid image I’ve been subjected to all week.

  5. I don’t have to think Dan Savage is a dick I know he’s a dick. Sorry SW but I grew up in a bible punching home where all the bullies wore crosses. I was taught that non-believers were lesser than believers . In terms of ignorance,arrogance, and the absolute inability to accept another’s opinion Savage matches any bible punching zealot I was forced to listen to as a child ignorant step for ignorant step. Seems Danny Boy does a fair amount of cherry picking himself let’s go after the pedo priestsand the homophobics in religion but lets say nary a thing about soup kitchens, food banks,safe shelters, second-hand stores and other programs usually staffed by volunteers from churches and run on donations from those churches,

  6. Hey Brian,
    If you’d watch the video above you’d know that Savage does value liberal Christians who do good work.

    But. If you campaign against gay marriage, if you campaign against anti-bullying rules for fear it’ll hinder your bullying of homosexuals, if you say things like “homosexual faggots who have dirt under their fingernails and spread diseases,”* if you promote the idea that homosexuals will go to hell, well then, working at all the soup kitchens in the world won’t redeem you. You’re still a dick.

    * That one’s courtesy MP Tom Lukiwski.

  7. Actually I am for same-sex marriage, and I’m pro-choice . Seems you have the habit of painting all Christians with the same bush who’s the dick now.

  8. Indeed that is from the video that featured Lukiwski and a 22 year old Brad Wall have a little fun in the 1990s. Looks like the two of them have done a lot of growing up since that time unlike yourself.

  9. Actually, Brian, Paul was using “You” in the broad sense, rather than looking specifically at “you.” If you do the things he listed, you’re a dick. If you don’t, you’re not. (At least not in this context.)

    The problem here isn’t someone painting all Christians with the same brush. The problem is you grabbing the brush and acting like it applies to you, when it doesn’t. I’d say that’s being a goof rather than a dick.

  10. Smartest people in the world were the high school students who walked out on Savage praying that they don’t grow up to be a nattering, pompous hag like him

  11. Oh look, another cis white guy who thinks that Dan Savage is a “good guy”. What else is new?
    No really, I came here to say Talia isn’t talking shit here. A lot of people don’t like him, especially in the trans community.

    Sincerely, a trans person.

  12. Sarah: Talia is indeed talking a ripe, steaming load–her (their?) initial comment was off-topic and indulgent. And while I’m not sure that popularity is the best measure of a person’s worth, since you brought it up, I’m happy to point out that a lot more people, including lots of trans people, DO like Dan Savage. He makes the right enemies: notably science-rejecting homophobic loon and perennial Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum. That matters.

    What’s obscene here is that Savage wrote a unique essay on climate change denial and denial of the AIDS epidemic, which I shared, and Talia and Brian immediately dismissed it with off-topic (in Brian’s case inane and in Talia’s case selectively parsed) criticisms of Savage’s alleged views on other issues. That was appalling.

    Is Dan Savage above criticism? Obviously not. But I despise it when people hijack important discourse. It’s selfish, arrogant, indulgent and frankly, evil. It’s also a recurring tendency among certain cohorts of the left that I utterly reject. It gets in the way of important work.

    By the way, Sarah, did you do any checking to confirm I’m a cis guy? I mean, you’re right, I am. But I hope you weren’t jumping to conclusions and making assumptions.

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