I could’ve sworn I wrote about Daytrotter on the Dog Blog before now; specifically, I thought I had posted the session Saskatoon’s Deep Dark Woods did with them earlier this year, which included their ode to a now-gone Regina bar, “Charlie’s (Is Coming Down”. But my searches are coming up with nothing. My bad.

Now is a good time to check them out as they’re going through some changes. Every week, they post a crap load of sessions they’ve recorded with any number of great artists. They even throw in a little illustration of ’em, like the one you see to your left.

None of that’s going to change, from the sounds of it. But for years, they were offering all this for free, other than asking people to fork out some cash for the highest-of-the-high-quality downloads. Now, they’re asking people to pay two bucks a month for access to everything they do.

That’s a steal. They capture great artists performing as they do live, and capture a lot of them at that.

Think about signing up. They’ve got some sort of trial period if you want to go over and check it out. (Or just use that time to troll through their archives and stock-up.) As a starter, might I suggest David Bazan’s session from last week, where he plays songs from his new album, Strange Negotiations? Tough to beat, in my opinion.