Day 5

Victoria Park (DucksV)Actually, I’m pretty sure these two mallards have been in Victoria Park for longer than five days. Tonight, they were in the southwest corner.

And here’s an update on the Art Shack I blogged about a few days ago that the Dunlop Art Gallery’s using for programming this summer. Construction has continued and you can see what it looks like after the jump.

Dunlop (ArtShack)

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

14 thoughts on “Day 5”

  1. Hi. nice place to eat bugs, Bad place because WE get bugged to often. Can’t do what they want.

    You havn’t got a roll of masking / …duck tape.

    Art project put up[ warning signs.

  2. Art shack project. So, could our lam ass city m put up an or/ wait that involes 700 people that mke over 100 ,000 working at the city , SALARY CAPS 1/2 billion in retirement “plan”… BS take 50k & F off.

  3. A greedsy MotherF Ssk tel shitfuck steals from his boss , then gets another gravey placement…..

    Government coin

    4% sgi hike to just cover this leagal action?


    Total RIPOFF

    THE employees suck this Province dry

  4. Not 1 of them deserve a retirement dollar for dollar bullshit thought of this, they OWE US !!

    Dieppe Scghool death

    It’s a first student 3 hours of FUCKING NOT NECESSARY , run by people that can’t cook bacon.
    None of the FUTURE can afford this bs concept. Hardly an Idea, Did the school boartd get a free hamburber, & agree to some demolition co’s


    The llack of foresight , ghas only beeen reflected 1nce again ,
    Regina just dies in front of me.

    Restaurants, or Art festivals,…. will never Replace shit.

  5. #hours of commute for your kids Run , by a holes/people , Bacon I rated them too high,…. Toast.

    Fortify the brick , Build new inside the “shell” .. Tearing down, a historic building; is for people without any vision.

    They just say F you, to the community & history. Maybe just fire the School board, as a whole, for lack of good judgement.

    Their BS in courts probably wooda paid for the new repairs.

    Hard to tell if somebody hasn’t disclosed a family connnectiion to the reasons for being so pickey on this specific topic.

    My bro gets 200k for tearing it down… sorta thing.

  6. This is the best new poem on Regina you’ll ever read (some typos fixed):


    The lack of foresight, has only been reflected 1nce again ,
    Regina just dies in front of me.

    Restaurants, or Art festivals,…. will never Replace shit.

  7. Poetry? Most of this by Ron is a non-sensible rant totally unrelated to Greg’s topic(s).

  8. Simpleton Driver: In vino, gravitas.

    MB: I think Greg should be flattered something so poetically veracious came out of his Duck Tales series of summer PDog posts.

  9. It’s not the smokables, Simpleton, it’s the never-ending, mind-congealing, mood-flattening RAIN.

  10. Sure Talbot.
    It’s Greg’s topic and he’ll be the judge of Ron’s so called poetic statements. It’s all a matter of interpretation.
    I like the pics of the ducks and the Art Shack.

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