Daily Aggregation: Word Crimes

daily-aggregation-21. AUSTRALIAN FOOLS REPEAL CARBON TAX Ugh. I guess politicians down under don’t listen to scientists either. No wonder Harper likes PM Tony Abbott.

2. PASSENGER PLANE SHOT DOWN IN UKRAINE Two-hundred ninety-five passengers and crew are presumed dead. Story here, updating blog here.

3. KEEP ON KILLING No ceasefire in Gaza.

4. IT’S LEGAL FOR GOVERNMENTS TO RAID EI SURPLUSES Whatevs. This is just robbing unemployed Canadians to pay for unsustainable low taxation rates.

5. FRAUD! BRIBERY! BREACH OF TRUST! Expert scandaler Mike Duffy faces 31 charges. Note to all the children reading this: “scandler” is a made-up word. It’s okay when I use it, though. I’m a professional editor!

6. MEANWHILE IN MARVEL-VILLE All kinds of changes! Thor’s a lady! Captain America’s black! And more! It all sounds mildly interesting I guess, but I think I’ll stick to indie comics.

7. IT’S GETTING SMOKY OUT THERE Ninety per cent of Saskatchewan will get smoke from Northwest Territory fires today. Yup, including Regina. Northern Saskatchewan will be hit the hardest. Here’s what you can do.

8. POWER DUMB Here’s a story about SaskPower’s so-called smart meters.

9. MUCH ADO ABOUT FLAVOURED CIGARETTES Read all about it. If anyone cares/wants to yell at me, I’m opposed to banning flavoured cigarettes. No marketing them to children? Sure. rules for packaging? Definitely–what’s happening now should not be allowed. No advertising? Okay! Penalize the crap out of people who provide tobacco to children? Go for it. But at a certain point, after all the anti-tobacco public education (which is fantastic!) and all the restrictions and regulations (which I support!), adults ought to be allowed to smoke their goddamn gross flavoured cancer-candy. There must be better solutions than outright bans.

10. STILL MORE ON THE SHOUTY, FAKE CHRISTIANS Hey look, it’s another news story that doesn’t address the fact that the Scarth Mall evangelists were saying homophobic, misogynistic and culturally bigoted things. I think the free speech angle is important to cover too, but what’s more important is that these jerks oppose same-sex marriage. Would a protest against interracial marriage be legal? It definitely would face zero tolerance. Same-sex marriage is analogous. Love is love and same-sex attraction is normal. Infinitely more normal than joining a so-called “Christian” cult and shouting at strangers to repent.


VIDEO: WEIRD AL SCHOOLS I don’t think this has been on the blog yet. That’s not right. Barb Saylor, this one is for you!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Word Crimes”

  1. 1) Let’s not forget some Australians taking on David Suzuki in a tough Q & A session last year. He made himself look bad. Unlike in Canada, very few dare to challenge Saint Suzuki.


    2) Very tragic. Malaysia Airlines is having a very unlucky year with 2 flight tragedies now.
    3) No surprise there. Decades of unrest.
    4) LOL! Silly of the Quebec unions for dragging this out in the courts.
    5) If Mike Duffy was a character on the Simpsons…..he would be Duff Man!
    6) And Marvel is killing off Wolverine in Sept. The writers recycled the idea of taking away his god like healing factor again, making him killable. No doubt Wolverine will be back later. He generates lots of $$$$ for Marvel.
    7) Hazey!
    8) I get SaskPower’s reasons why to upgrade, but don’t use flawed products or don’t do flawed installations.
    9) Cigarettes are bad. Plain and simple.
    10) They’re just passing through.
    11) Yeah, before likes of Youtube, I used to watch them. Youtube is more convenient now.
    And I remember CBC’s Video Hits and Good Rockin Tonite! They got canned nearly 20 years ago.
    What Can I say? 50 something year old Weird Al can still crank it!

  2. Hi. MB / pdog

    8.I’m here at 1:15 am. Hopefully I would pay a reduced rate at this time. But at 1 am; is less power being used in yqr, compared to 7pm?

    Smart meters are designed to calculate, the amout of total power you are using ;at specific time intervals, number crunched by some gov’t office.

    If you use electricity during “peak consumption hours”, you are obligated to pay more. How much more by % ,is the question.

    Sk power wants this , but shouldn’t they be setting up grants/ or an option for the utility for converting / encouraging all homes to solar panels/collecters, w/ rechargeable battery
    storage systems, that already exist?

    5. Why ? this guy was so obvious since day 1. All of the Bullshit he spewed while he was on Calgary Toronto Vision.

    2. terrible

    3. Boycott anything isreal

  3. Hi Barbara.
    I can totally see you dancing around you’re place, because of you’r ; new favorite song.

  4. Just returned from holidays, so haven’t worked my way up to dancing yet. I’m a longtime Weird Al fan, and my grown kids are, too.

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