daily-aggregation-2Hello Dog Blog! Remember me? Let’s see if I remember how to do this. (Hi Barb! Yo Ron! Cheers Talbot!)

1 MIDNIGHT ART CRITICS Shitheads destroyed some beautiful public art in Saskatoon.

2 J-DEAU’S BIG GAY MILESTONE The prime minister will march in this year’s Toronto pride parade — a first for a sitting PM. Seems fitting for the son of the Charter Of Rights And Freedom’s architect.

3 SMALLEST ARMADILLO HAS A BIG ANCESTOR Cool, also, someone clone me a pet glyptodont, k thanx

4 ANGRY WHITE MEN Buzzfeed Canada editor and writer Scaachi Koul was harassed after making a perfectly reasonable call for freelance pitches, “particularly” from “not white and not male” contributors — who as everyone is fully fucking aware are underrepresented in media. The harassment included sexist and racist insults and apparently a violent threat. Koul quit Twitter. The terrorists won this round.

5 THE ANGRIEST WHITE MAN Here’s a scary comic about “President” Trump that’s a little too plausible and here’s a very reassuring Jeet Heer Twitter essay on why Trump will NEVER be elected U.S. president.

6 AIRPORTS VS. SIKHS So, San Francisco airport fuckwits blackmailed a Sikh Canadian comedian into removing his turban. What’samatter sky-turds — X-ray machines, metal detectors and pat-downs aren’t enough? Yeah, right, like this was ever about safety. Same old story: ignoramuses with badges use their power to legitimize their stupid ideas and stave off for another day the doubt, fear and self-hatred that even their dim minds know is waiting for its chance.

PSYCHO ANTI-ABORTION FREAKS AMOK John Oliver breaks it down. Enjoy.