Daily Aggregation: Wherein I Finally Give Up On Morning Blog Posts

daily-aggregation1. SGI APPLIES TO RAISE INSURANCE RATES The crown company wants a 5.2 per cent increase. But what happens when the increase gets to 100 per cent? Huh? What then? Do they really think drivers will pay 100 per cent of their money to the crown? I don’t THINK so.

2. MORE ON YESTERDAY’S CASINO FIGHT Here’s the StarPhoenix’s Joe Couture’s story, and, if you missed it, here’s some nonsense I wrote. Meanwhile, FSIN Chief Perry Bellegarde isn’t giving up on the idea. I dunno, I kinda want to hear more about it too.

3. BABY BORN TO BRAIN-DEAD MOM Can’t imagine what this experience would do to the father. Cheers to him, R.I.P. to the poor mom.

4. OUR CRUMBLING HERITAGE Parks Canada properties are in rough shape, according to an independent consultant’s report. In fact, 47 per cent of all Parks Canada assets are in “poor or very poor” condition. This is what austerity, small government and low taxes (for the wealthy) look like. How do you like it? Proud to be Canadian?

5. R.I.P. SHIRLEY TEMPLE Here’s an obituary. We should all have a drink in her honour.

6. 48 HOURS LATER, AN NFL DRAFT PROSPECT IS STILL GAY World continues to still turn. Still massively annoyed that the NHL doesn’t have an out gay player, and only partly because I wanna see what Tim Thomas would post on his Facebook page about it.

7. TUESDAY NOON-ISH MEDAL COUNT Oh noes! We’re number two!

8. HIPSTER BEER! Hmm, I can hear John Cameron saying “good body drunk” in my head…

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

8 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Wherein I Finally Give Up On Morning Blog Posts”

  1. When you read accounts of the careers and subsequent lives of child actors, you realize how very lucky Shirley Temple was. Her film career was short, and she was unable to make the transition to adult roles (though not for lack of trying); but she had the smarts to know when to retire, and she had a healthy, busy, and productive life after show business. Much of the credit has to go to her parents, who not only encouraged her, but also watched over and supported her, and gave her solid values, as parents should. Actors like Jackie Coogan, Baby Peggy, and Freddie Bartholomew, to name just a few, were exploited not only by the studios but also by their families. While laws were eventually passed to protect the interests of child actors, to try and regulate their working hours and working conditions, and to ensure that they had access to schooling, these had more of an effect on the studios than on parents, too many of whom looked on their child as a meal ticket, personal trophy, or cash cow. And that behaviour continues: note the Culkin and Lohan family melodramas.

    A toast to her, but hold the grenadine!

  2. I can understand abandoning the “[Six|Four] in the [Morning|Afternoon]” in favour of a more flexible Daily Agg, but can you please retain the habit of numbering topics? It makes commenting much more pleasant.

  3. Brad: done!

    Barb: thank you for the thoughtful comment. Shirley Temple has been a cultural icon for so long that a lot of people seem to have assumed she’d passed away years ago. She was only 85, though — a respectable age but not what some would’ve guessed.

    Did you make it out to Gwynne Dyer? I didn’t see you. I went with Brad, actually. He had hoped to meet you!

  4. Stephen: no, I didn’t go; I was a bit under the weather. I’m sure there’ll be another time!

  5. (8) I really dislike that guy’s moustache. It’s the mullet of ‘staches: pervy in the front, classy on the sides. The Kaisers would be ashamed of some of the things claiming to be handlebars these days.

  6. So, not only did I miss a chance to get them to sign a book but I misesd inviting myself to a curry?Excellent account, by the way. You were clearly taking notes.

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