Daily Aggregation: VGM Friday – Katamari

daily-aggregation1. WINTER ADVICE Is the approach of the season of snow and ice getting you down? This might put a smile back on your face.

2. GOVERNMENT WEED ADS If you’ve watched television lately you may have seen an ad talking about the dangers of kids smoking marijuana. A fair enough argument to make, but the ad itself and its existence don’t make much sense, argues Patrick McGuire.

3. DEALING WITH PARLIAMENTARY SEXUAL HARRASSMENT NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is proposing to the other political parties to come together, create a formal code of conduct and appoint a non-partisan officer to deal with sexual harassment complaints against Members of Parliament.

4. CLIMATE CHANGE President Obama is pledging $3 billion U.S. to an international fund for helping out poorer countries affected negatively by climate change.

5. SOLAR POWERED Looking to generate your own power but have a building that can’t handle bulky solar panels on the roof? Here’s some good news, a company in the U.K. is testing out their solar panels made of lightweight cloth that can be attached anywhere.

6. CBC LAYOFF REACTIONS Our public broadcaster, a fundamental part of our democratic society, is being demolished piece by piece – the CBC is set to lose close to 1,500 jobs in the next year and CEO/President Hubert Lacroix continues to brush it off like nothing’s wrong. When Lacroix went to present a President’s Award to the reporters of Radio-Canada in Sherbrooke, QC who covered the Lac-Mégantic disaster, they refused. Canadian Media Guild Vice-President Lise Lareau explains why.

7. NET NEUTRALITY Republican senator Ted Cruz called net-neutrality the “Obamacare” of the internet. Here’s a comic, both funny and informative, of why that’s bullshit.

8. KARDASHIAN VS THE SPACE PROBE Kim Kardashian posing nude didn’t receieve nearly as much attention as Rosetta landing the Philae probe onto a comet. There’s hope for humanity yet!

For this week’s piece, I picked a happy number from one of the strangest game series ever made (you roll junk up into a ball – sometimes making it so big you start rolling up people, cities and whole continents!). This week’s piece is Hello World from 2011’s Touch My Katamari for the Playstation Vita, composed by Hiroshi Okubo:

Author: Bryn Hadubiak

Bryn is a University of Regina Journalism student in his final year, moonlighting as a freelancer. He also writes fiction and poems, does photography and knows way too much about old video games.

One thought on “Daily Aggregation: VGM Friday – Katamari”

  1. 1) We don’t need winter advise! We’re Canadians Dammit!
    2) I loved the don’t do drugs or your brain will look like scrambled egg commercial back in the 1990’s. This…not so much.
    3) Good idea.
    4) Does the USA really have $3 billion to spare? Their several Trillion $ debt hole says otherwise.
    5) That’s a great advancement in solar technology. Maybe they can make Solar Sails for boats out of that material.
    6) It’s well known CBC lives it’s own little world. Perhaps they can get some crowd-funding going or PBS styled fundraisers.
    7) That’s faulty logic all right! Internet goes way faster than the speed of Gov’t. Case Closed.
    8) Finally, Kim Kardashian gets owned thanks to outer space!

    That music sounded like Asian techno?

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