Daily Aggregation: VGM Friday – Gran Turismo

daily-aggregation-21. 4.3 PER CENT PROPERTY TAX INCREASE PROPOSED Water and sewer rates will also go up by 8 per cent if the budget is approved. 0.45 per cent of the property tax increase would go towards the stadium. I believe one poster on CBC’s website put it best: Regina has all the costs of a much larger city, but none of the benefits.

2.  BALONEY AND THE CPC INCOME-SPLITTING PLAN According to the Canadian Press’s Baloney Meter (yes, that exists, and it’s awesome), Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s claim the Conservative’s income-splitting plan will only benefit 15 per cent of Canadians, meaning the other 85 per cent will see nothing, is “no baloney.”

3. THE HISTORY OF GHOMESHI AND THE CBC Anne Kingston writes on how former Q host Jian Ghomeshi cultivated a “progressive” image, using it to draw in women and viewers alike, which masked manipulative, narcissistic and aggressive behaviour she argues was evident all the way back to his university days.

4. CANADA MAY ORDER F-35 JETS FROM U.S. So, apparently the Harper government is looking to order some jets quietly, despite criticisms surrounding their actual cost. Transparency? Public accountability? Who needs those things, right?

5. CONSERVATIVES “USING” PROSTITUTES No, not their services, but as a way to make their narrative of prostitution fit together and justify Bill C-36, argues Tabitha Southey. It plays upon the trope of the “hooker with a heart of gold,” Southey argues, by reassuring prostitutes don’t choose to go into sex work, they’re forced into it by some bad guy or another – throwing out the agency of the actual women.

6. FIRST ABORIGINAL SOCCER STAR INDUCTED IN HALL OF FAME Harry Manson of the Snuneymuxw First Nation on Vancouver Island is set to be inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame, around a hundred years after he first hit the pitch.

7. RETAINING SASK DOCTORS The Saskatchewan Medical Association had a meeting Friday morning to discuss what can be done to engage doctors in our province.

8. RING ROAD SPEED CAMERAS The Ring Road is getting speed cameras at last! Will it slow down some of the maniacs treating the highway like the Indy 500? Doubtful, but one can hope!

Here’s this week’s song, well known among racing sim fans, it’s Moon Over The Castle from Gran Turismo on the original Playstation:

Author: Bryn Hadubiak

Bryn is a University of Regina Journalism student in his final year, moonlighting as a freelancer. He also writes fiction and poems, does photography and knows way too much about old video games.

12 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: VGM Friday – Gran Turismo”

  1. (3) This is a good article. Of particular interest — and a partial explanation as to how outrageous behaviour went on unchecked for so long — is the cynical playing of the minority card.

  2. This is a good start to the house cleaning that the CBC needs to do. There are a few others that need to go. Does anyone else find it kind of creepy and weird that Mr. Suzuki has a group of very attractive young women to escort him around on speaking engagements? Very Jianish Id say.

  3. 2) Mr. Trudeau was in the House of Commons? I`ve got to call baloney on that one. He said himself that he likes to be out and about and not stuck in the House of Commons. His attendance record is very poor. On a side note, Mr. Mulcairs is one of the best!

  4. Indy: When I met Suzuki, who was absolutely lovely by the way, he had a male assistant. Quit makin’ shit up.

  5. I seem to recall that Dr. Suzuki has at least one grand-daughter who sometimes travels with him, being an activist in her own right.

  6. Again with the name-calling…and after indy500 said a nice thing about Mr. Mulcair, too. Tsk, tsk.

  7. Thanks, Barb. It seems if your opinion is not the same as some people on here, you`re a troll. I happen to think that Mr. Trudeau would make a very poor P.M. and Mr. Suzuki`s best before date has expired long ago. Seems to me someone called Barb a troll a few days ago too, just because her opinion was different from others on here. Try to be open minded guys, not like John Gormley.

  8. No problem, indy. There have been times when I wondered whether or not PD was in a race to the bottom with Small Dead Animals.

  9. The story about Dr. Suzuki’s female “body guards” came from Sun News who got it via documents released because they submitted an access to information request to a publicly funded school he made an appearance at (at the low low cost to taxpayers of just $41,000). The request for “nicely dressed” “ladies (females)” came directly from St. Suzuki’s assistant, Erich. If the lazy ass kissing douchebag (oooooh, that lashing out and angrily calling people thing is fun, I see why it’s always Stephen’s go to response) that edits this bird cage liner wants to check the veracity of such claims he could spend the 5 minutes submitting his own request and calling up the assistant for comment. Or he could call his readers liars, like all great journalist do.

  10. 1) That’s the worst case scenario. Just you wait. City council will come back with a lower # to minimize increases. I’ve seen that several times with Saskatoon City Council and their yearly budgets.
    2) Expect more of this from Trudeau when the 2015 federal budget comes out, then a possible early spring federal election.
    3) CBC may have made Jian G a rising star within their ranks, but if they looked the other way all of these years, then shame on them.
    4) Just buy some damn fighter jets already. New fighter jets have been a unecessary politcal issue for almost 20 years.
    5) Does that make them political whores?
    6) May be a century late. Better now than never.
    7) Retaining Dr’s used to mean spending more $ on their salaries.
    8) Speed Cameras! YAY!
    Good gaming tune.

    Jason Doan is accurately correctly. Sun News host Ezra L. did news story about David Suzuki having a security entourage of ladies. Just google it.
    Question is was this a 1 time thing? Must be because nothing else has been reported.
    Was sex & scandal involved? I doubt it. One would think Dr. Suzuki has common sense not to risk his long term 2nd marriage.
    To me, it’s a lame attempt by Sun News to portray Dr. Suzuki as a creepy old man. Make no mistake, Dr. Suzuki has many haters and rightly so. But haters need not sink to low level antics like Sun News or even occasionally the PD.
    Suzuki can be viewed both as either unprofessional arrogant prick or very friendly and respectable human being. Then again….ditto to all of us.

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