daily-aggregation-21. TRUMP WINS INDIANA Read reports in The Guardian, The Washington Post and the New York Times. Eh, Cruz is more evil. Bernie would wipe the floor with either of these clowns. I could see Clinton shitting the bed, though. That’s worrying.

2. FORT McMURRAY IS BURNING A wildfire has entered the city and evacuations are underway.

3 ALEPPO IS DYING Jesus Christ, horrible.

4. MURRAY MANDRYK HAS A BEEF The Leader-Post’s political writer has a column on the Earl’s “humane beef” policy that’s worth a read. He makes a good point about major problems in the shrimp industry.


Muslim prayer plot6. I PRAY FOR THE STRENGTH TO STAY OFF IDIOT WEBSITES, BUT MY PRAYER IS NEVER ANSWERED Brad Wall wants to keep praying on the job. Meanwhile, some conservative fans are suggesting this anti-prayer petition is a Muslim plot even though it’s clearly an atheist plot. GET YOUR CONSPIRACIES STRAIGHT, CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE. Also, the conservativefans.com comment section is whackadoo.

7. CAT HAZ UR MAIL The Royal Mail threatened to suspend delivering letters to a British couple because they have a very naughty cat. The couple apologized profusely and switched from a door slot to a post box, which the Royal Mail paid for. So civilized! Bella the naughty cat had no comment.

8. THE FOX SAYS, “I HAVE A HANGOVER” Hey, how about Leicester?