Daily Aggregation: True Facts About Marsupials

daily-aggregation-21. CANADA POST MAKES A PROFIT Good thing Stephen Harper is ending home mail delivery and killing good jobs at a profitable company.

2. ERASE THE FACTS Stephen Harper’s government tells civil servants to delete potentially embarrassing e-mails.

3. FEDERAL NDP PROMISES INQUIRY INTO MURDERS Because unlike Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair’s party wants to understand why bad things happen. There is a counterpoint to this argument, namely that we know enough already to take action and we don’t need to wait years for an inquiry to tell us things we already know.


5. KEEP AN EYE ON THAT VOLCANO A really fucking big volcano in Iceland is acting up.

6. THE DRESSLER SHUFFLE Four other CFL teams are interested in OUR slotback. OURS!

7. VIVA LAS VEGAS Sounds like the NHL is getting ready to expand again.

8. ONTARIO HOCKEY LEAGUE ATTACKS UNIONIZATION EFFORTS Someone has to stand up for the good of the sport against greedy teenagers who make a perfectly legitimate $50/week.

9. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN A nine-year-old girl shooting an Uzi at an Arizona firing range lost control of the weapon and killed a gun instructor. Someone — possibly the parents — filmed the unavoidable, no-one-could-have-foreseen-it accident. More here.

VIDEO: TRUE FACTS ABOUT MARSUPIALS ZeFrank’s latest explains everything you need to know about kangaroos and other stuff related to kangaroos

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: True Facts About Marsupials”

  1. 5) I really hate volcanos. They add so much to the global warming problem we face here on earth. As humans we try to make headway in curbing this terrible situation we are in and Mother Nature comes along and messes up all our progress!! As the saying goes, Mother Nature is a Bitch!!

  2. If I understand it correctly (big “if”), a massive eruption could create short-term cooling by blocking heat from the sun.

  3. (2) Link?

    (3) I’m with the Chiefs of Police, Andrew Coyne, and other dissenting columnists on this. We have ample evidence as to why these evils are happening; what we need now is concerted action to combat them.
    One of the good things to come out of Tamra Keepness’s disappearance was a greater promptness in reporting missing aboriginal children, in particular. The best thing would be if the information as to what happened to her finally comes out. The answer won’t come from an inquiry: it’ll come from the person(s) keeping silent.

    (8) By jingo, if anyone at that level of hockey needs a union, it’s the referees and linesmen.

  4. 1. “But Canada Post warns the decrease in mail volume it expected when it hiked prices was kept in check by two provincial elections, resulting in a lot of political mail…”

    In other words, “We’re so sorry that politicians continued to use our service, helping to contribute positively to our bottom line, when we tried so hard to lose money and paint a bad news picture. Rest assured, our business will plummet-back next quarter, doing terribly, forcing the layoff of thousands, as in keeping with our new business model for failure.”

  5. Stephen did invite and allow everyone to comment on Paul Constant’s piece — in the articles section rather than the blog. Click on the link Stephen provided in the blog post, and comment away! It’s a little unusual but I think it serves the purpose quite nicely. (BTW – this was one of my favourite P-Dog articles in a long time. No time to comment further right now but hope to get back later to add more. Suffice to say, I’d love to see more of Paul Constant in P-Dog.)

  6. Barb: You’ve probably figured it out by now, but comments ARE open on the article (and I added a line about “leaving comments” to make it clear).

    The link’s here. Let ‘er rip!

    Just trying to avoid annoying parallel conversations!

  7. Stephen: yes, I have, thanks, but the logic of restricting comment in one forum in order to encourage comments in another rather escapes me. And who, exactly, would be annoyed?

  8. I’m glad there’s one stream of comments allowed. It’s less frustrating and much easier to follow if there’s one place to comment on the same topic. I’m all for streamlining. Good move, Whitworth!

  9. Barb: people reading Paul’s article will navigate to it in different ways: from our blog, from our “read the latest issue” link, even from Google. I wouldn’t want them to miss comments on the topic because they missed one (basically just navigational) blog post.

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