Daily Aggregation: Thisss And That

daily-aggregation-21. RACHEL NOTLEY BANS DESTRUCTION OF ALBERTA GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS Yup. Despite a week of shredding, I bet there’s still gonna be some juicy stuff found.

2. U.S. SPYAPALOOZA TAKES ANOTHER HIT I have zero faith that enough American politicians actually want to reign rein-in the out-of-control NSA — seriously, that country is barely a democracy at this point, what with phone record collection continuing after a court ruled last week that it’s illegal — but still, this is good news.

3. CONSERVATIVES RE-WRITE LAWS TO PROTECT LAW-BREAKING AUTHORITIES Canada’s Conservative government remains awful.

4. QUEBEC SCHOOLS WILL NO LONGER STRIP-SEARCH STUDENTS I have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Quebec schools have been strip-searching students.

5. MASSIVE LOSS OF BEE COLONIES Two out of every five U.S. honeybee colonies died off over the last year. Not good.

6. MEET THE LAST MALE WHITE RHINO ON THE PLANET He’s beautiful. I hate poachers.

7. WAY TO GO, IRELAND There’s a referendum on same-sex marriage coming up in Ireland, but alas, those who think same-sex couples should have fewer rights than opposite-sex couples say people keep getting mad at them and call them bigots. Boo fucking-hoo. You can support marriage equality in Ireland here.

8. WHERE DID THIS #FHRITP GARBAGE START, ANYWAY? As a YouTube hoax, it turns out. There’s a summary of the “fuck her right in the pussy” harassment incident here, and Gawker (because why not) weighs in here.

9. TEEN TAKES ON DRESS CODE A high school student wearing a summer dress gets suspended, calls B.S.

10. U.S. SNAKE KEEPERS WIN INJUNCTION AGAINST PYTHON BAN A judge listened to facts over “because-I-say-so” arguments. Good. Let’s celebrate with that video of the late, great Julius having a bath.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

6 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Thisss And That”

  1. This girl is a fashion disaster. She wears a dress like that with a bra? Its like a guy wearing shorts with cowboy boots. I`d boot her out of school too.

  2. 1) The link is outdated now.
    Strategic houscleaning for datamining 40 years worth of Conservative paperwork.
    4) That rule never made sense in the first place.
    5) More buzzing news.
    6) It amazes me regardless of all the guards protecting endangered rhinos, they are still getting poached.
    7) Even the old phrase “Fighting Irish” still applies.
    8) This is getting way out of control. Agree that people should be charged by the cops.
    9) Another stupid rule.
    10) Whitworth missed this one.


  3. In re: dress codes, they have been around as long as people have had clothes, whether as sumptuary laws or as social status delineators. I can recall when male bank employees had to wear only white shirts with their suits and ties. Today I can look out my windows and see not only students in school uniforms, but also their teachers. Workplaces have required and continue to require employees to dress appropriately, for reasons of safety and mobility as well as office/customer distraction. You can wear what you wish on your own time and in your home or out socializing, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be asked to comply with some restrictions on dress where you work or attend school. We already observe different codes of behaviour depending on where we are (concert hall vs. bar; museum vs. grocery store), so how is dress different?

  4. Barb: fixed, thanks.
    MB: Link fixed, I hope. Thanks for sharing the garter snakes link. I was sad to miss out on those festivities. Also, I try to REIN-in by snake blogging because it could get out of control real easily.

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