Daily Aggregation: The Worf Of Wall Street

daily-aggregation-21. BREAKING PROMISES The “we won’t privatize government liquor stores” Saskatchewan government privatizes several liquor stores. The move costs 12 well-paid union jobs. Union haters will doubtless be happy that 12 people will have less money to spend at local businesses. (H/T Simon Enoch)

2. PAY IT BACKWARDS Social Services Minister June Draude will repay car service expenses from a recent trip.

3. GEORGIA SURE LIKES GUNS The state is about to greatly expand the rights of gun owners to carry guns all over the place. I suppose this is a good thing. Georgia will accumulate statistics* on firearm deaths and injuries, and those statistics can be compared to other states with tighter gun laws, and then we can have a lovely fact-based discussion on the merits of encouraging everyone to buy a gun. And you realize that’s the key to all this, right? It’s not about individual freedoms. It’s about gun companies freedom to profit off a citizen’s arms race. Silly Americans. Silly gun extremists.

*Of course, the gun lobby is aware of this so they’ll do everything they can to make collecting data on gun death and injury illegal. They’re evil, not stupid.

4. DOLPHINS IN TROUBLE This story is potentially fascinating. It is potentially beyond fucked that a cop allegedly gave mall security camera footage of a disgruntled swim club member to the swim club’s board.

5. IS ROB FORD OFF THE HOOK? CBC reviews the situation after the investigation into the mayor is suspended by the Ontario Provincial Police, while the Toronto Star looks at just-released wiretaps of Ford’s friend, Sandro Lisi.

6. HELLO, GOLF CLUBS The Winnipeg Jets miss the playoffs again, and once again they weren’t bad enough to score a top pick in the draft (unless they fluke out in the draft lottery). Management should’ve assembled truly terrible teams the last couple of years. The journey to respectability takes a lot longer when you don’t have anything to build around Sad. Well, at least my Blue Jackets are looking solid!

7. MANITOBA’S NDP GOVERNMENT SOUNDS LIKE IT SUCKS It’s too bad the alternative is a Conservative government. Conservatives break important things every time the get power anywhere. I wish it was different. It should be different.

8. A GUY IN CALGARY BELIEVES IN BIGFOOT A LOT Look, there’s almost certainly no bigfoots out there. I wish there were, probably more than you. But let’s face facts. Then again, this stuff is fun to read about.

THE WORF OF WALL STREET I’m a little late posting this I suppose, but it’s hilarious and you will like it. So here it is.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

15 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: The Worf Of Wall Street”

  1. Tammy Robert appears to have the best coverage of the Regina Police Service and Regina Optimist Dolphins scandal:


    Even if there’s no issue at all with the finances, the conduct of the RPS in this is incredibly questionable.

    How the police obtained the footage, then leaked it to the Dolphins’ two person “investigation” committee should terrify anyone that believes in freedom.

    Now we hear that the federal privacy office notified the police chief and it sounds like he’s sort of looking into it? How is there not suspensed personnel during the investigation, and how can they be saying it’s only an issue of discreditable conduct, not a crime?

    If the fax published by Tammy Robert is real, it’s an incredibly benign request to the auditor to make sure certain valid questions are being considered in the audit process. What kind of police officer sees that fax and thinks there’s anything even remotely criminal to investigate?

    Not mentioned yet is how did the fax get from auditor to the board, and from board to Regina Police Service? Did the auditor leak it? If there are outside concerns being raised, should an auditor even be tipping off the board in such a way?

    McMurray is quite lucky we have some privacy mechanisms in Canada, otherwise there’s the potential that the mall and the people with guns and tazers could have been able to stonewall her concerns away.

    Then when you combine this with the context of the weird contradictory statements from City Hall and the Dolphins board members about the recurring sicknesses being reported at the swimming facility, the whole thing gets pretty murky.

    This is looking very bad.

  2. Re: #3, the NRA regularly publishes fact sheets on gun ownership and murder/violent crime rates in the US. They contend that there is a strong correlation between the decrease in violent crime in American between 1991 and 2011 (as reported by the FBI) and the increase of gun ownership in the same period. Here’s an example: http://goo.gl/V378Dy

    You can certainly argue that they’re either misinterpreting the data or picking and choosing what metrics to report on (and to be honest- I’ve put zero effort into actually reading the source material), but it’s disingenuous to saw that the gun lobby is either anti-gun statistics or is trying to quash data on gun death and injury.

  3. The Dolphins have been struck from the corporate registry for not complying with financial report requirements. Check CBC Radio news.

  4. That is some cool club that kicks you out if you say anything negative about it.

  5. June Draude “Your honour I admit that I misused $4400 in public funds, but now that that is public knowledge I would like to repay that please”.

    Judge “guilty”

  6. Now other media is reporting that Regina Dolphins accounting wasn’t being completed on time, resulting the province revoking their status. There’s a whiny quote from the book keeper saying she doesn’t understand why parents are asking questions. She claims she requested an extension, but apparently didn’t do that until this week, after it was too late.

    Club president Nick Egarhos is coming off with an obliviousness comparable to Rob Ford.

    There’s excerpts from a haughty letter he apparently sent to parents yesterday in which he’s dismissive and insulting to the media and those who have raised concerns.

    Even though the audit and investigation aren’t done, he’s declared it a “myth”. Even if he’s right, declaring this before the audit concludes shows low credibility.

    And while Nick Egarhos is threatening “enforcement” of parent’s behavior, he’s been presiding over a non-profit that just lost its standing because of failure to file required statements. His focus is misplaced.

    I can’t wait to see how Egarhos rationalizes his involvement of the police service over an innocent fax as fitting with his concept of a positive club culture.

  7. Can someone from PD consider removing the above post? On reflection probably don’t need to be posting some guy’s ironic social media profile. Even if it currently does seem like he’s way on the wrong side of this controversy, anyone that wants to can find this on their own. If it is ever confirmed that he is behind the illegitimate police investigation then fine, but so far we don’t know that for sure.

  8. You’d think that after one brush with a libel suit, the dogblog and its readers would have learned some discretion.

  9. Dave: sorry for the delay getting back to you. “Disingenuous” feels a little strong, and my feelings are hurt. Seriously though, thank you for the comment — I appreciate it.

    I have read that the NRA has attacked funding for gun research. Here’s a link to a 2011 New York Times article. here’s a key paragraph:

    The amount of money available today for studying the impact of firearms is a fraction of what it was in the mid-1990s, and the number of scientists toiling in the field has dwindled to just a handful as a result, researchers say.

    I probably read that piece back in 2011 and remembered it when I was writing this post. So that’s where the snotty comment comes from.

    I try to only make sarcastic comments when I’m reasonably confident I’m on firm ground. I think in this case, my assertion is reasonable.

  10. Reader: sure. I wouldn’t if the person was a public figure, but I don’t see the harm in this case.

    Barb: Beautiful out today. Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

  11. Stephen, thanks for the link. I humbly retract my “disingenuous” comment!

    The situation in the NY Times article is far from a wholesale attack on research though. The NRA’s objection seemed to have more to do with the funder rather than what was being funded. The concern being that having an organization like the Center for Disease control research gun violence could result in ordinary people inferring that gun ownership itself was a disease.

    “Our concern is not with legitimate medical science,” Mr. Cox said. “Our concern is they were promoting the idea that gun ownership was a disease that needed to be eradicated.”

  12. Barb, you probably didn’t see the comment, but it was a quote from his own Linked In page.

    Has anyone ever sued themselves for libel, and if so, did they win? :-)

  13. Today CBC is reporting the officer in question is Insp. Robert Dean who they say is the brother of Lee Dean, who Tammy Robert says was one of the two investigation committee members.

    The police chief keeps insisting strenuously there’s no criminal relevance here. I’m not sure about that, but if true, I guess it suggests that police using their resources and authority for hobby purposes isn’t a crime? Maybe it should be.

    Of course there could be more we don’t know. Dolphins letter to the victim mentions several faxes, but we’ve only seen one benign fax. Were there other faxes that could have justified a police investigation?

    And even if the officer isn’t guilty of a crime, presumably he’s helped in convicting offenders in the past, many of whom will now want their cases reviewed. And what future accused will raise the valid concern about whether the RPS or this inspector is playing by the rules?

    Unfortunately this does seem to have bigger implications than just a swimming club’s finances and internal issues.

    It should also be scary to realize that the only reason this is coming to light was the persistence of the victim and the respective privacy agencies, plus the loose lips of the Dolphins board. Had any of these events not transpired, we might not have known this kind of activity is taking place.

  14. A little late posting, but better than never.
    1) If Premier Wall broke a promise not privatize liquor stores, then it’s a promise not worth keeping. Here in Saskatoon, the first private run liquor opened up in new Blairmore west area of Saskatoon in late March. It has bigger selection than any SLGA stores. And it’s run by COOP which is gasp “UNIONIZED”. So if SGEU has a problem with losing 12 unionized jobs due to changing to private liquor franchise, then most of us don’t give 2 scoops of raisins about it. Unions are free to organize any private liquor store as more of them will appear. Support is strong for more private liquor stores.

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