daily-aggregation-21. LET IT BURN 2014 is going to be the hottest year on record, beating out 2010 which beat out 2005 which beat out 1998. Golly gosh jeepers, seems kinda like a trend, dunnit? More here. Now look at these scary pictures.

2. DEFEND THE SCIENTISTS The union Canadian scientists belong to fights to protect scientific integrity. Good for it. Someone needs to stand up to the pro-global warming government that attacks free speech.


4. PETER MacKAY OPENS HIS MOUTH Justice minister, assault weapons advocateparenting expert and well-known mansplainer Peter MacKay says something dumb.

5. DISHONOUR THE DEAD Huh, so Veterans Affairs isn’t properly looking after Canadian soldiers’ graves. Kind of ironic since the federal government is big on the “yay soldiers” talk. Wait, that’s not irony. That’s something else. What’s the word again?

6. SOMEONE SHOT A MOUNTIE The officer is in stable condition.

7. THIS SHOOTOUT WAS A MASSACRE Are Mexican officials covering up the mass execution of unarmed gang members? Probably.

8. LIVE NUDE PSYCHOPATHS It’s not news, and this interview with the neuroscientist who discovered he was a psychopath and then wrote a book about it is a couple of months old, but I think it’s interesting. You might like it too.

9. DEAD PRESIDENTS Also not news, but I really enjoyed this feature on Thomas Jefferson’s Bible opinions.

10. GOODBYE, JEAN BELIVEAU A hockey great and Montreal Canadiens legend passes away.

WHAT. THE. HELL. This thing was published a couple of months ago but I’d never seen it until my friend John K. shared it on Facebook (thanks John!). I wouldn’t have thought something about Shia LeBeouf could be worth watching. I was wrong. This is very good.