Daily Aggregation: The Origin Of Golf

daily-aggregation-21. BIRTH CONTROL CONTRACT: PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE Annoying. Anyone who takes daily medication, which also includes anti-depressants, knows about the annoyance of month-by-month dispensing. It’s stupid for something as essential as the pill.


3. IT’S ONLY BEEN 30-DEGREES PLUS TWICE THIS SUMMER Good thing too, since our office air conditioning is broken.

4. A LONG OVERDUE LANDMARK IN MATH Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani, who teaches at Stanford university, won a Fields medal for her work in complicated math geometry. She’s the first woman ever to win one of the medals, named after the Canadian mathematician who established the award which was first given out in 1936,which seems insane since it’s 2014. Fifty-five men have also won medals. The Guardian has more.


6. GAWKER VS. TROLLS Gawker media takes action after Jezebel writers publicly complained about persistent and vicious harassment by trolls in their sites’ comment sections.

7. UGANDA GAY-BASH LAW OVERTURNED TO BE REINSTATED? I think missed the news that Uganda’s evil and potentially lethal anti-gay law, which is presumably supported by anti-gay activists like Bill Whatcott and Peter Labarbera, was overturned. Fear not, Western bigots who enable prejudices in African leaders: a version of it might return.

8. WIEBE ESSENTIALLY STEPS ASIDE FOR MEILI Looks like Saskatoon permanently blew its chance to elect infinitely-better-than-Kelly-Block NDP candidate Nettie Wiebe as an MP. Two-time provincial NDP leadership candidate Ryan Meili seems like a very good consolation prize, though. Look forward to him making a Saskatoon West run official.

9. FIRST NATIONS CONTINUE TO LEAD THE FIGHT AGAINST MINING DEVASTATION BC’s Neskonlith nation tell the mining company behind the catastrophic Mount Polley breach to take a hike. Meanwhile, The Province’s Michael Smyth makes the case for improved whistleblower protection.

10. SORRY ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH Toronto Councillor Doug Ford fumbles an apology to former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

10. LAUREN BACALL HAS DIED Jorge writes about the star of noir thrillers here. I predict Shane will devote a Sunday Matinee column to her soon.

VIDEO: HOW THE SCOTTISH INVENT GOLF “Here’s my idea for a fuckin’ sport. You knock a ball in a gopher hole.” “Oh, you mean like pool?” “Fuck off pool! Not with a straight stick, with a little fucked-up stick!” One of Robin William’s all-time best comedy bits.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: The Origin Of Golf”

  1. 3. I call bullshit on their record-keeping. I remember for a fact we had back to back days of above 30C in May, and I’m pretty sure a few more than just ‘one more’ in July. While def not the 17 days of above 30C we’re apparently supposed to get…like, holy shit, when was the last time we had anything close to 17 days of above 30C in one summer?…1987?… it’s been a decent summer, hotter than last, more satisfying. And by the way, jet stream pet scheme…WHY is it stuck? Cuz climate change f*cking up the sky that’s why.

  2. Oh, I will self-correct: Summer of 2003. I think we had 60 straight days of plus 30C.

  3. Actually, between June 19 and Sept 8 in 2003, we had 32 days of 30C or above, with another bunch at 29C. Oct 7 that year actually hit 29.2C, according to StatsCan.

  4. Between August 6 and August 24 in 2003, daily highs were all 28.4C or hotter, with a high of 37.4C on August 16, and 11 straights days of above 30C between Aug 9-19. That summer was too hot.

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