Daily Aggregation: The Best!

daily-aggregation-21 HI AGAIN! It’s been about what, a month since I’ve done one of these? Maybe more? Well, let’s get back to it with short, late afternoon one. Harper sucks.

2 VICTIM’S MOTHER FORGIVES ATTACKERS A Winnipeg 16-year-old’s mom forgives the monsters who attacked and tried to kill her daughter. Maybe Stephen Harper can add her compassion and generosity to the list of reasons he won’t call an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women.

3 REGINA IS SO PRODUCTIVE Apparently we’re the most productive city in Canada? Okay then!

4 CITY COUNCIL SUPPORTS TESTING PHOTO RADAR Don’t drive, don’t care, maybe you do?

5 TOM THE BEARD PROPOSES PARLIAMENT ANTI-HARASSMENT POLICY Sounds like a plan. Also, we have an interview with Beardy-M this issue.

6 PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND’S PREMIER RESIGNS Yup! Is he thinking about a federal run? I bet he iii-iiis!

7 AT LEAST ONE CANADIAN KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT REPUBLICANS A guy who wrote a letter to a U.S. newspaper essentialling calling U.S. voters a bunch of fucking morons is winning the Internet.


9 LOOKING FOR LIGHT IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES The Rosetta spaceship’s solar-powered lander is in the dark. Uh-oh.

10 SSSUICIDE SSSOLUTION Can some venomous snakes kill themselves with a bite? The answer is “maybe”.


YOU’RE THE BEST The 2014 Best Of Regina issue is being distributed throughout Regina as I type this! Look for your copy at any of our 400-ish distro points. Not there yet? Swing by our office for a copy or check out the results online here. And now let’s celebrate the best the Queen City has to offer with some Queen.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: The Best!”

  1. (2) CBC Radio has reported that people who wanted to hold a rally in Rinelle Harper’s name were denied permission by her family, who did not want their daughter’s situation to be politicized.
    (4) I’m with the Mayor and Councillor Fraser on this, especially the school-zone monitoring.
    (5) While I agree with the proposal, I’m with Elizabeth May in re: the unhelpful way the NDP first handled the allegations, and the way they politicized the situation.

  2. 1) I’d love to say Welcome Back Kotter to you, but I love saying Welcome Back Mr. Left Wing Version of EZRA LEVANT even more.
    Why not create a special article called Harping and Harpooning Harper?
    2) What’s more important here? The mother or the daughter? Does the Daughter forgive her attackers who nearly killed her? I think that’s more important.
    3) For a so called Gov’t town, good on you Regina Folk!
    4) I hope Saskatoon City Council is on side for this too.
    5) Fear the NDP Beard?! Nope!
    6) For whatever his reasons are, I wish him good luck. Perfect timing to find a new leader before another PEI provincial election.
    7) Not often someone’s letter of opion gets so much attention.
    8) Good for Feist. Any famous male singer/songwriters want to contribute to a doc about violence against men?
    9) Great history in the making of space exploration.
    10) Can a python strangle itself? MMMMaybe!


  3. 8. Good on Her. Another Rock musician with a brain !
    Maybe some others with some “disposible $$” will follow suit. Food-bank(s) perhaps??

    9. I recall that Orville & Wilber weren’t perfect either.

  4. As in others, I didn’t mean just musicians.. bankers lawyers doctors politicians construction presidents etc..

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