Daily Aggregation: That Land Was Their Land

daily-aggregation-21. FLOODING THREATENS HARVEST Not good. Says Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall: “Even if you see it, you have to convince your eyes what you’re looking at.” Yikes. More here (warning: video will, quite rudely, play automatically).

2. ALSO: Close to 300 Regina homes received the gift of basement sewage last weekend. Sewage is a terrible gift.

3. THE CONSERVATIVE RECORD ON APPOINTING FEMALE JUDGES The Canadian Press runs Peter MacKay through it’s baloney meter. The verdict? “Some baloney.”

4. THE GLOBE AND MAIL COULD HAVE A STRIKE OR A LOCKOUT NEXT WEEK For some stupid reason, the pro-Conservative paper’s owners think journalists should have to write advertorials. Total madness.

5. WINNIPEG HAS RACISTS AND HEROES Here’s a good story about a Winnipeg politician and the jerks who hate him.

6. FEDERAL NDP STAFF SPLIT WITH UNION IN STRATEGIC VOTING SPAT Well, political staff will do what they wanna do, but strategic voting is what responsible people who want a better Canada support. Like, sorry.

7. “AN EYE FOR AN EYE LEAVES THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND.” *Palestinians are 10,000 times more likely to be blinded than Israelis.

8. THE BATTLE FOR AMERICAN APPAREL Controversial founder Dov Charney was punted out of his CEO chair a while back but now he’s fighting to get back into it and this article says he’s got a chance. I’m a fan of American Apparel’s made-in-America response to the clothing industry’s sweatshop practices, as well as their support for immigrant rights and same sex marriage, so whatever happens here, I’d hate to see all that go.

9. ATHEIST JAILED FOR ATHEISM Perhaps because tossing atheists in jail is an easy way to distract Nigerians from their leaders’ crimes.

10. RACIST FOLKLORE IS RACIST A Dutch court rules against a ridiculously offensive (yet popular) Dutch character.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

4 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: That Land Was Their Land”

  1. (2) The city is asking for another 24 hours of restraint on water use, but is also saying that if people have concerns about whether or not they can take the cap off their floor drains, they should call City Hall and be informed about their area. That would seem to indicate that some parts of town are more congested than others. That information should be on the public record.
    I took my cap off without asking, and have so far had no problem, but then I’m spacing out my laundry over days, and I keep the cap on whenever the drain is not in use. My sump pump empties into the street and always has done, so it seems that we anticipated the city’s request by 3 years. That’s the norm in Edmonton, or at least in the NW part of town, and it works just fine.

  2. 7. Why does Israel get get a “stay out of jail ” card ,Every Single time they expand on this invasion..

    I wouldn’t use the word hate , when comes to Israeli people, but I do hate the way they run their politics & that no country really wants to stand with the Palestinian people.

    Something similar to this, happened back in the 1930’s & 40’s.

    Just different Ass Holes in “charge”.

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