daily-aggregation-21. GAZA: OUTRAGE AND A TRUCE72-hour cease-fire has been negotiated in Gaza. Both sides have been accused of war crimes. There’s been lots of condemnation for the Israeli attack on a United Nations shelter. According to the BBC story in the third link, Palestinian casualties are 1,422 dead and 8,265 injured, with 440,000 refugees are fleeing the war zone. Can you imagine if 1,422 people were killed in a three-week period in Saskatchewan? We’d all know a victim or a victim’s family. How would we feel?

2. MEANWHILE IN SASKATCHEWAN The sketchy smart meter situation, Regina mosquitos and loveable friendly snakes.

3. MEANWHILE IN CANADA Homophobia leads to criminal threats, Moncton’s accused mountie-murderer is fit to stand trial, a Conservative says something untrue about guns, the Conservative war on charities continues, the International Monetary Fund says Canada should have a carbon tax and politically persecuted weed activist Marc Emery says he’s gonna get the Conservatives.

4. SPEAKING OF WEED, OFFICER BUZZKILL DOES NOT APPROVE One Brave Hero defies the high tide of legal pot in Washington state.

5. ARGENTINA DEFAULTS ON DEBT Read all about it.

6. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT? I’m doing this. :)